Airbus plans to reduce marine fuel consumption by 20%

For this company came up with a sail.

Airseas, which was created at Airbus to work on improving the efficiency of maritime transport, presented its smart sail, SeaWing.

As an experiment, Airbus has equipped its ships with a new automated system. AirSeas claims that adding extra traction reduces fuel consumption by 20%. According to their calculations, the system pays off in five years, but its environmental component comes first here: naval fuel oil used in ships is considered the dirtiest type of fuel.

For the operation of the system there is practically no need for human intervention. Due to the large number of different sensors, the system itself determines when it is best to deploy and collapse a sail with an area of ​​1000 square meters. The captain of the ship only needs to confirm the actions of the automated system by pressing a single button.

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