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A Lego fan has ransacked and destroyed a 14-year-old collection. Subscribers collected 18 thousand dollars for a new

In social networks supported the collector, who recorded an emotional video about how “they stole all his childhood.”

20-year-old French collector Lego and video blogger Louis (Louis), known as the republicattak, spoke about the robbery in his apartment. According to him, on October 5, unknown persons broke into him, who carried out almost the entire designer. The rest of the sets were broken down and scattered around the house, they also smashed the window and smashed the door.

In a video called “Bye”, the video blogger, with breaks in tears, explained that he had been collecting the collection since 2004. It cost more than 16 thousand euros (about 1.2 million rubles). Louis added that he was going to give up collecting, because he no longer accumulated so much money for a new Lego.

I cried all night. In addition to monetary losses, they took all my childhood.

Most of my collection was stolen, and my last creation, which I spent about 10 months on and was about to finish, was destroyed. After 14 years of collecting and eight years on YouTube, I finish. Thank you for following me all these years. Till.

republicattak video blogger

The collector has published several photos of the effects of the robbery and a list of stolen sets in case someone of his subscribers sees them at resale sites. According to him, the robbers came to him just for the Lego collection, because they did not take a laptop, camera and other valuable things.


Twitter users and the Reddit forum are thinking how to help Louis. Someone saw a set on the list that he had and agreed to give, while others wrote letters to Lego asking for help in restoring the collection.

“Don’t give up, man. I just watched your video on Reddit and came to tell you to stay strong and not give up, pull yourself together! People who watched your video are with you. Some great people have already contacted Lego. Be strong friend. We are with you!”

“I send all my love and support to you, please be strong. No doubt these eight years were not in vain. Your videos on YouTube sure inspired Lego designers and creators like you. You have so many subscribers. We will build it again cube for cube. We are with you”

“Hey man, I saw your video and my heart was broken. I have the Millennium Falcon from your collection. Without a box. I built it a few years ago, and it just stands on the shelf, I would like to send it to you to restore the collection. ”

On the fundraising platform, GoFundMe created a page to help the video blogger: with a goal of one thousand dollars, 18 thousand dollars were donated for it (about 1.2 million rubles). It covered all his expenses for the restoration of the collection.

Louis wrote an appeal to those who supported him, and thanked him for not leaving him and helping him in trouble. “You can think of it as an exaggeration, but it literally was the worst 24 hours in my life, and you just gave me the strength to move forward,” said the collector.

I actually felt so lonely when I discovered a robbery, so I recorded a video: I wanted to express feelings for a handful of people who know what that means. I’m really surprised at how compassionate you guys are, I didn’t expect anything like that. I do not know how to respond.

“Many thanks to all” – this sentence is too poor to describe the words and feelings that are now in me. I do not know how to express gratitude for your kind words and deeds.

republicattak video blogger
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