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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs. Huawei Honor Band 3. We compared the best fitness trackers

Since its launch, the Xiaomi Mi Band family of fitness trackers has become an absolute hit worldwide, including Russia. Mi Band 1 / 2 has sold more than any other wearable accessories together.

Xiaomi glory and niche does not give rest to competitors. Almost every brand is trying to release a budget hit. And some are not limited to smartphones, waving at the holy.

Let’s try to push head-on competitors, and see:

Who is worthy of the title of “Best Fitness Tracker?”

Honor vs. Xiaomi: 2 world enemies

Xiaomi firmly occupied the niche budget gadgets . They are trying to catch up with everything, but only Huawei , which created the Honor sub-brand (Redmi from Huawei), succeeds in really getting closer . They say smartphones have turned out very good. And not only they.

Honor swung at the holy of holies and offered his massive wearable gadget for sports and everyday life. True, Honor Band 4 still drove to Russia, we will be satisfied with the third.

The price is the same: Honor Band 3 = 1500 rubles VS Mi Band 3 = 1800 rubles . Functions are similar. Appearance as a blueprint. Who is better?

Similar, but so different

Coming up with something new for wearable gadgets today is unlikely: they look like 2 drops of water to each other. But only at first glance.

So with our experimental. Mi Band 3  fully continues the ideas of the family: this is another capsule, firmly entering the groove of the bracelet. Or native of the hypoallergenic silicone, or metal. Or not a bracelet at all, but a pendant.

And what about Honor Band 3 ? Huawei chose a more traditional form of accessory. The first trackers of American startups looked the same. Bracelet without joints, flush with the capsule. That’s cool.

By and large, the stock bracelets Mi Band 3 and Honor Band 3 are  almost the same : “ear”, button, flexible silicone. The creation of Xiaomi is harder, but it is also easier to change to a third-party version.

The Honor Band 3 bracelet is still removable. On the bolts, so that sooner or later the gap will not pass. True, it will be possible to notice this right away, and not as with the Mi Band, already at home.

What we see how to manage?

The main external “band” – the screen. In Honor, it is larger ( 0.91 inches versus 0.78 ), but more elongated ( 128 × 32 vs. 128 × 80 ). Pure taste, but I like the Xiaomi variant more.

Why? One line fits more. And, not least, at Xiaomi, the ratio of the frontal surface area to the screen area is higher than that of Honor. And this is good, because a fitness bracelet is a functional device, not a beauty accessory.

Management approach is also different. If the Mi Band offers a touch ditch , then the Honor Band is a similar flat platform . And he and the other option does not have tactile feedback.

Nevertheless, the deepening in the Mi Band allows you to accurately get into the sensor zone. Yes, and it is more. So in this round again, plus for the product Xiaomi.

What can Mi Band 3


Xiaomi smart bracelets have become a kind of benchmark for wearable fitness accessories. No one except the athletes remembers Jawbone , Moov, or Misfit . Only occasionally flicker Withings or harsh Garmin .

The budget segment is completely subordinate to Xiaomi. And for good reason.



Without a smartphone, the Mi Band 3 does exactly the same as its predecessor: it counts the pulse and  steps , shows the clock . With the Mi Fit app ( iOS , Android ), it turns into a full-fledged wrist assistant.

Then there are reminders of insufficient activity, and a lot of alerts: calls , SMS , third-party applications , such as chat rooms or system. It is very convenient to search for a smartphone by tap on the Mi Band.


The third generation has learned to show the number or name of the caller, and even displays a message on the screen. Big? Do not worry – now you can scroll.

Music from the official Mi Fit can not be controlled, but we were told how to do it .



The functionality of the Mi Band is highly dependent on the application used … And the regional version. For example, in the  Chinese Mi Fit there is a voice assistant prompting for training.

With the release of the new bracelet in the Russian (international) application, the modes of activity, unique for China, finally appeared and the “smart” alarm clock returned.



Native application can transfer data to  MyFitnessPal and  Google Fit . Third-party apps and Amazfit add to the Strava list . For sports analytics, that’s enough. But a little.

What can Honor Band 3


Contrary to popular belief, a cheap fitness accessory can hide quite adult functions of serious sports devices. Not always with the desired accuracy, but for us, lovers, this will be enough.

Besides, do they buy them for this? These are personal assistants for all tasks, not just in sports.



Honor Band’s own capabilities are enough to show the time, the number of steps completed, measure the pulse rate by pressing a key, and call up a workout menu with detailed statistics tracking.

After pairing with a smartphone through the application Huawei Wear ( iOS , Android ), the bracelet displays notifications of incoming calls and SMS. The call can be rejected directly from the bracelet. Reading messages from the screen of Honor Band 3 is impossible.



In normal mode, the bracelet counts the steps and measures the pulse according to a predetermined pattern, as well as independently determines whether the owner is walking or running.

When activated, the Honor Band 3 workout mode also tracks the change in location, pulse, and counts calories . If necessary, you can pre-set the length of the route or its parameters. A very useful option for preparing for marathons.


Strictly speaking, “Training”  is two modes: running and swimming. The second one starts directly from the bracelet screen. It takes into account the distance and number of strokes.

With the help of the native application, Honor Band can count a dream and wake up using “smart” algorithms. But the Mi Band does it more correctly, in my opinion.


The application for the Honor Band does not allow you to upload statistics to Google.

But it does not store it either, using its own storage. The list of services to which data upload is possible is quite long: Apple Health (!), Huawei Health , UP by Jawbone and  MyFitnessPal .

However, more popular with racing fans (eg, Strava ) for Honor Band 3 User  available .

What can not these bracelets

Mi Band 3 and Honor Band 3 have NFC versions for contactless payment. But! Contactless payment module is designed for Chinese payment systems such as AliPay .

It does not work with  Apple Pay , as it does not work on third-party devices. Do you want to use? Buy Apple Watch . Actually, Google Pay is not far left.

According to the GPay protocols , each payment requires authentication on the device using biometric data or entering a password. Neither device has such functions.

Another important point: although both bracelets in our testing showed excellent results, much depends on the individual characteristics of a person. I know a lot of people for whom the “smart” alarm clock does not work correctly or does not work at all.

A standard type pulsomer also works well on narrow wrists with clearly visible veins, but even in this case it can give an error of up to 15%. The closer the fit to the VENAMA , the greater the accuracy.

Parse the results

Although at first glance the Honor Band has a large number of functions, in fact the Mi Band is inferior to it only by the lack of tracking of swimming and a little less moisture protection.

Reminders of the need to warm up, turning the screen activation, synchronization with the mass of services – everyone has it all.

The capabilities of Mi Band 3 are  easily expanded with the help of third-party applications. It is more suitable for the mass user: it is much more convenient to read from the hand than to reach for the phone. Voice Assistant is another major advantage.

Subjectively, Honor Band 3 is  less accurate in calculating distances and steps. Its main feature is a simpler application and a  serious moisture protection .

It is worth mentioning also the greater accuracy of the “smart” alarm clock Xiaomi: the developers have done a serious job, for which Huawei can not keep up.

Need a cheap tracker for ONLY swimming? No options – for the Honor Band 3 and 1500 rubles will not be sorry.

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