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Unknown brutally murdered five lions in the Limpopo Nature Reserve

Employees of the reserve told that they raised the dead lions from childhood.

Unknowns brutally murdered five lions in the Limpopo Nature Reserve, South Africa. In particular, one of the predators nicknamed Mufasa was cut off by the paws and face, the other animals were poisoned, reports The Sun.

Poachers escaped from the park when they noticed the approaching guards. Meanwhile, Mufasa, who was named after one of the heroes of the cartoon “The Lion King,” remained lying in a pool of his own blood. According to employees, the criminals were going to cut the rest of the predators in order to conduct the rite of black magic or sell their paws as trophies.

“It broke our hearts. We looked after all the killed lions when they were still young. Therefore, for us, this is equivalent to the death of our own children. My only hope is that the lions were already dead when their limbs were cut off.”

Park Manager Bronwyn Moss

Experts have yet to determine the fast-acting drug that has been administered to animals. According to preliminary data, the lions were poisoned at the same time. The management of the reserve offered a reward of $ 5.2 thousand for any information about ruthless poachers.

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