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Tired of a girl? Sell ​​it on ebay!

Dale Lix wanted to play a little trick on his girlfriend Kelly. He put up an advertisement for its sale on eBay. The description of the “goods” was completely unflattering: “used”, “for parts or not working”, “constantly makes whining sounds”

However, his joke was out of control when he began receiving messages from people from all over the world.

The ad quickly became popular and scored a bunch of views. There were more than 100 willing to buy Kelly. Someone even offered £ 70,200 ($ 92,102).

Those who wanted to buy a girl asked Dale if they could take her for a test drive and how many “owners” she had.

Oddly enough, Kelly had a very good sense of humor. Not only did she not finish off Dale for announcing her sale, but she even said that she was glad that the stakes were so high.

She believes that if someone has $ 92,000 to buy it, then the quality of her life would improve after changing the “owner”. Probably, Kelly did not think that someone could sell it to the organs.

However, the fun soon ended: eBay deleted the ad on the grounds that parts of the human body could not be sold.

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