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The US Senate voted to appoint Brett Cavanaugh as the new head of the Supreme Court.

The American politician was accused of rape, so there was a big scandal around the elections.

Brett Cavanaugh. AFP Photo

The US Senate voted to appoint Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court: 50 votes in favor and 48 votes against. When a 53-year-old politician nominated himself as a judge, three women accused him of sexual harassment and violence during student parties in the 1980s.

During the voting, mass protests against the appointment of Cavanaugh were held near the Capitol building. According to NBC, more than 160 people were detained by the police. Kavano is accused of attempted rape, allegedly taking place on the school bats in 1982. Then Christine Blasi, who had accused Kavano, was 15 years old, and he himself was 17.

Kavano repeatedly denied all charges. The politician also gave testimony to the Senate Juridical Committee, which subsequently found no reason to withdraw his candidacy from the vote. The FBI also checked the charges and found no evidence from the words of the three women.

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