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Resonance: “Dagestan fights” after the battle of Habib and McGregor

Nurmagomedov made a fight with Conor’s sparring partner, and an officer of the Russian fighter attacked the Irishman from behind.

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October 7th place battle Habib Nurmagomedova and Conor McGregor for the title of champion of the UFC lightweight champion. The “duel of the year” between the Russian athlete (who never lost a career) and one of the main stars of mixed martial arts was followed around the world and commented on the events in social networks. In Russia, many people had to get up very early for this – the battle began at about 7:15 Moscow time.

In the fourth round, Habib defeated with a suffocating technique, but did not stop there – the fighter climbed over the octagon fence and began to fight with McGregor’s sparring partner. At this time, a member of the Nurmagomedov team, on the contrary, ran into the ring and hit the Irishman from the back.

In social networks, it was suggested that it was Zubair Tuhugov – a UFC fighter who had a conflict with McGregor. “I want to fight him. And I want to meet with McGregor not in the octagon, but on the street, ” said Tukhugov before the battle of Habib.

Fighters and members of their teams came to reassure the guards and the police. After that, the referee decided not to hold the award ceremony – Habib violated the UFC rules by leaving octagon. Nurmagomedov otregiril phrase: “Put me in jail, but give the championship belt.”

According to the Bleacher Report, the police arrested three partners Nurmagomedov, who participated in the attack on McGregor, including his manager. However, in the broadcast of “Match TV” one of the members of the Russian fighter’s team denied this information.

In social networks, they noted that the fight turned out to be more interesting than the title fight itself. On the channel “Power of TV”, where the fight between Habib and McGregor was shown, the fight was called “Dagestan clashes”.

After the fight, the fights continued between the fans of the athletes in Las Vegas, where the UFC 229 tournament was held.

In the West, the fights were compared mainly with wrestling, where such conflicts are recorded in the script.

Opinions of the audience and experts about the act of Habib diverged. Some called to disqualify an athlete and deprive him of the champion’s title, while others recalled that before the fight, MacGregor had repeatedly touched his Russian athlete’s relatives.

“I do not approve of what Habib did, but this is no different from how McGregor threw chairs on his bus. Give Habib a championship belt! ”

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