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McGregor says he is “waiting for revenge” against Habib

The corresponding entry Irish fighter posted on his twitter.

“I played a dangerous game and I lost. No regrets, I’m proud of myself. I hope that a visa and a belt will not be taken from this Dagestani. I will take this belt, I will return and take it beautifully to its rightful place. Regarding Zubair, I did not want to beat him, but one word about my mother or father and I smeared his face. I lost, but I always came back and won. Do not think it will end. He beat on me, but I smiled looking into his face and said “kid, this is a game, go on,” I played with him. I pissed him off. I specifically did this so that you could see who represents your country and who also disgraced her. Habib Baby, there will be no peace, it was just the beginning, ”said MacGregor.

A friend reporter: “I was there, it was certainly spectacular, especially the fight after the fight, when Coach’s coach shouted something about Habib’s parents, and he jumped into it with two feet from the board, but I’m upset about Habibia’s behavior. I hope he will be excluded from further participation for such attacks, just someone from the team of Habib (Zubayr, if I am not mistaken) didn’t act like a man, rushing back to Conor. Nurmagomedov will face penalties for unauthorized exit from the cell. still come back on what i think is hub It would not give it a second try, since he was on the brink, and he does not want to exchange his net score “

“Habib is threatened with deprivation of prize money ($ 2 million), the refusal to extend the work visa in the United States and even the loss of champion title due to the fact that the Russian started a fight with his opponents after a fight with Conor. – State Athletic Commission

In turn, Conor did not miss the opportunity to pry an opponent.

“It turned out a good knock. I look forward to a rematch”

Whether it was a strategy to shake emotionally Nurmagomedov and hope for revenge remains unknown. But we will expect that the next battle will be more amazing, and will end not only with a full stop, but also with a large exclamation point. – my

Well beaten. We are waiting for revenge.

Conor MacGregor in his official twitter said that he was waiting for a rematch against Habib Nurmagomedov.

Recall that today Nurmagomedov won in a battle against MacGregor. Immediately after the battle, a massive brawl involving the sides of both fighters occurred.

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