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iOS version of Fortnite brought the creators $ 300 million for 200 days

The mobile version of the Fortnite action earned $ 300 million in 200 days . This is more than other popular games for the same length of time. For example, Clash Royale brought in $ 228 million, and Honor of Kings brought in $ 121 million.

Fortnite works on a shareware model. It can be played without the infusion of real money, as well as you do not need to acquire action, and skins of characters and other improvements users can buy.

According to the analytic resource Sensor Tower, players spend a day and a half million dollars on domestic purchases of Fortnite — and this is only on iOS, without taking into account other platforms. With the advent of the update, Season 6 has increased to $ 2.5 million.

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