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“I don’t like football, but I’ll definitely see Conor and McGregor”: they are preparing for the main fight of the year in the UFC

Politicians, media, YouTube-bloggers and users of social networks suddenly turned into martial arts fans – they talk about the fight everywhere.

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On October 7, at about 7:00 Moscow time, there will be a fight for the UFC lightweight champion title, in which the Irishman Conor Macgregor and the Russian fighter Habib Nurmagomedov will meet. The bout in Las Vegas, which is called the main event of the year in martial arts, attracts attention not only to sports fans. In social networks, it is discussed by celebrities, politicians and ordinary users. Many of them were not interested in martial arts before the battle of Habib and McGregor.

From the beginning of 2018, a conflict developed between the fighters, which created additional interest in the battle. First, the athletes argued on Twitter, and in April, MacGregor attacked the bus where Nurmagomedov was sitting. Before the fight, the fighters held two press conferences where the Irishman spoke to Ramzan Kadyrov and Habib’s relatives.

Shortly before the battle, Russian celebrities began to actively support Habib in social networks, posting photos with the hashtag # vshapkezahiba . Papa is one of the “chips” of Nurmagomedov. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Nikolay Valuev and former figure skater Alexey Yagudin took part in the flashmob. In a few days, Instagram users published over a thousand hashtag entries.

Flashmob criticized the relevant sites of mixed martial arts, calling it a “parade of hypocrisy.” “If before the world of geeks MMA was not interesting to anyone, today everyone wants to shout that they are ardent fans, they look and seem to understand our favorite sport,” wrote the author of the portal

MacGregor from the stars was more supported by rapper Drake – a Canadian singer came along with a fighter to weigh in in Las Vegas. In his hands was the Irish flag. According to media reports, Ilon Musk will be in the hall during the battle, among other celebrities, but there is no information in whose support.

Also in social networks argued whether Russian fans can support Conor McGregor, if his compatriot is fighting with him.
On September 30, Anji players entered the field in T-shirts in support of Nurmagomedov before the match against Zenit. Fans of the club from St. Petersburg responded with a shout about Conor McGregor.

In VKontakte, the battle for the UFC champion title is being discussed by publics with millions of subscribers who have not published anything about mixed martial arts before. On Twitter, Habib and Macgregor wrote a popular YouTube blogger Maria Wei (who has the latest videos – “Tattoo on the face and 10 more facts about me” and “Repeated image of Selena Gomez in 5 minutes”) Also part of the “Evening Urgant” was devoted to the duel .

This sudden love for MMA was beaten by the artist Durant, who wrote several ironic “facts” about Nurmagomedov.

Other jokes appeared about the fact that users of social networks had not fully understood MMA before the fight. They became much more after the situation in Olga Buzova’s Instagram: the singer was photographed in a hockey jersey with the words “Konar”, and the subscribers decided that she supported MacGregor.

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