How to add a second face to unlock by Face ID

I heard that it was possible to add a second user to unlock the iPhone face, how to do it? 
– Angelina

Hello, Angelina.

The main drawback of Face ID was rightly considered by many to be the impossibility of adding the face of a wife / husband or child, so that they, too, can remove the lock without entering a password.

In iOS 12, there is a new option that allows you to enter an alternative appearance to unlock. Initially, the chip was designed to enable the user to add his face in a new image or when using certain accessories.

This will significantly reduce the risk of errors for the system and help unlock the smartphone in any case.

Resourceful users have determined that the system does not compare the first and second person to unlock and does not require a certain similarity. This means that you can easily add another user to remove the password on the smartphone.

To do this, go to the Settings – Face ID and passcode – Configure an alternative appearance . Further, the system will ask for a standard procedure for registering a new person.

Keep in mind that when reconfiguring, the Face ID will have to re-register both the first person and the second.

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