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Habib vs. Connor. Overview of the battle and scandal

That night was one of the most anticipated fights of the UFC tournament and won . T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas hosted two eminent fighters: Russian Habib Nurmagomedov and Irishman Conor MacGregor.

The victory was gained by a native of Dagestan, Habib. Intense battle “Eagle” and “The Infamous” lasted 22 minutes. Let’s tell how it was.

Athlete statistics

  • Age: 30 years old
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Fights (total / wins) : 27/27

Habib Nurmagomedov in the UFC since January 2012. For six years, he spent 27 fights, won all of them: he sent a knockout of his opponent 8 times, forced him to surrender 9 times and 10 times by the decision of the judges.

For the victory over McGregor Nurmagomedov can get about $ 10 million.

  • Age: 30 years old
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Fights (total / wins) : 25/21

This year, Conor McGregor celebrated the 10th anniversary of his professional career. He managed to hold 25 fights, won in 21 matches. Most often, Macregore sends his rivals to the knockout – 18 fights ended that way. By decision of the judges won twice, once the fight ended with the surrender of the opponent.

The McGregor fee for a win is $ 50 million. This is the largest amount in UFC history.

At the time of the fight, both fighters weighed 70 kilograms (light weight category).

How was the battle with Habib Conan

Nurmagomedov is well known for his fighting technique. Habib does everything exactly, dry and in the case. Hardy, calculating and awesome.

Macregor, on the contrary, does not differ in stamina, and, given the two-year pause in the UFC rings, it was possible to predict the fate of the fight before the start.

From the first minutes, the fighters started fighting captures, almost not for a second leaving the canvas. Habib pressed Conor to the net and the three men fought for three minutes trying to find a pain point for each other. Finally, the Dagestani threw his opponent on his back, firmly pressed to the flooring.

In the attempts of Macregore to do anything from the prone position, the first round ended like this.

Without interruption and pause siren sounded, which opened the second round . Distressed by the very miserable sight of the result of the first five minutes of the battle, Conor, in a rage, attacked Habib, trying to kick his leg, for which he immediately received a confident direct blow to Habib’s face.

Then the audience experienced a dejawe: Habib technically knocks Conor on the flooring and conducts a series of exciting ones. The Irishman is trying in every way to keep Habib with his feet, for which he receives a series of blows to the face. By the eighth minute, more than two dozen strikes had flown to Macregore’s head.

The horn to finish the round was a blessing for Macregore. He met him with a smile and joy. Despite the fact that the Irishman was able to rise to his feet, he simply did not have the strength to strike blows at his opponent.

The third round began with a strategic “shot”. Both fighters got a little exhausted, so the first one and a half minutes spent in unsuccessful attempts to reach each other with long shots.

At Habib nerves passed first and he rushed to the seizure. Unsuccessfully. Conor, as if opened a second wind: a series of successful blows and not a single fall.

The fourth round began with an ominous couple-minute pause-warming up, after which Nurmagomedov technically threw Conor and the Irishman again found himself in the stalls.

A few more seconds and Conor was in a stranglehold – suffocating from Habib and the Irishman is forced to surrender.

It would seem that the battle is over. But then the most spectacular began …

How Habib revenged for insults

Realizing that McGregor was defeated, Nurmagomedov went to avenge both for attacks on the bus and for insulting the representatives of the Macregore of his father, religion, country. Having jumped over the octagon fence, Habib attacked the coach of the Irish fighter Lyon Denis.

And then a massive scuffle, fight, police. In general, the explosive mixture of insults, fists and screams is still put out. Habib later commented on what happened:

I would like to apologize to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Apologize to Las Vegas. I know, he showed himself not from the best side. But I am also a person and I do not understand why now there is so much talk that I jumped out of an octagon.

What about the words spoken about my religion, country, father ? He attacked a bus in Brooklyn. He didn’t kill a couple of people there. Why now everyone is talking about how I jumped over the cage? I do not understand.

While Habiba was being held by the guard, Russian fans attacked McRegor. The battle goes on 🙂

Habib can get a belt

Such a trick can be very expensive for a Russian athlete. If the Nevada State Athletic Commission makes an appropriate decision, Nurmagomedov may lose his title and will be disqualified.

Habib regrets his deed. He noted that upon returning home, he would face a serious bashing from his father, who “taught me absolutely different things.”

Nevertheless, Nurmagomedova personally congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling after the end of the battle:

Putin just called me and said that he was very proud of me. He says: “Congratulations.”

Habib Nurmagomedov

Habib is upset that everyone is doing what they are discussing his act, but at the same time, they completely forgot about the behavior of the Irish in April. Then Macregore, surrounded by three dozen people, attacked the bus in which Nurmagomedov was.

After the end of the bout, UFC President Dana White refused to give the champion belt to Nurmagomedov. The reason – the tense situation. They promised to deliver the belt later, but after the decision of the athletic commission.

What else do I remember the duel of Habib and Conor?

Quoting former absolute boxing champion Mike Tyson:

Watching the battle of Habib and Conor. I never thought it would end like this. This is more madness than my boxing rage!

Hats. Nurmagomedov presented one of them to a girl from California.

Now Kylie distributes such hats among fans, is promoted in social networks and attends UFC fights. She was also present at yesterday’s fight.

Valeria Gazaev

Football Coach, State Duma Deputy
Football Coach, State Duma Deputy

Congratulations first of all to Habib Nurmagomedov and all of us. All Russia was rooting for our fighter, who showed a total advantage in battle.

He also taught McGregor a skill lesson, a lesson in human dignity. Habib showed his best qualities and how to prepare. Talk less and do more!

In the situation that happened after the fight, I fully support Habib. You can not go on personal insults, than successfully engaged Conor at all press conferences. Before the disqualification will not come, already officially announced that he defended the title.

Ramzan Kadyrov

Habib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor! Waiting for this fight all over the world. We believed in invincible Habib. Conor also thought that the battle would be for him an easy walk with a victorious final.

The moment of truth came in the octagon. From the very first seconds, Habib brought an outdated opponent to his senses. The enemy realized that Habib was a brilliant artist who could turn his face into a picture painted with red oil paint.

And a great finale – a choke in the fourth round. Conor is asking for mercy! He is defeated! Habib is back with a belt!

Vadim Filkenstein

President of M-1 Global

No matter what they did, they would not allow their father, etc., etc., Habib proved anyway that he is a real man, a Russian! Just delighted with his victory.

Conor failed to break his spirit, how much he tried to insult him before the fight. After all, we all know the tactics of McGregor – to destroy an opponent before a fight, so that a person morally falls.

Habib – well done, that did not lead on this, and won, delivered just a bunch of fun.

Habib defended the title. Whistling Irish fans, the bad-tempered Macregore’s behavior and the upcoming sanctions already mean little.

But there is no doubt that the battle between Nurmagomedov and Macregore is not over, no.

Habib Nurmagomedov about the scandal because of the fight after the fight with McGregor

MacGregor, in turn, refused to speak to the press and bring charges against Habib’s representatives. According to MMA Weekly, the Russian fighter was suspended in the amount of $ 3 million for the fight due to an incident outside the cell. The head of the UFC said that Nurmagomedov may be deprived of the title if the sports commission decides to disqualify it. Two managers Habib detained the state of Nevada for participating in a fight.

Nurmagomedov defeated McGregor in the fourth round and defended his UFC lightweight title. After the fight, the Russian fighter jumped out of the cage and started a fight with the opponent’s sparring partner, and several people from the Habib team attacked the Irish.. A scandal broke out , because martial arts fans and users of social networks began to discuss the correctness of the act of Nurmagomedov.
I propose to plunge into history and recall how the UFC battles took place in the not so distant 1995.

Well, a few answers to frequently asked questions:

Yes, they fight without gloves.
Yes, then it was possible to beat.
Yes, in one evening, one fighter had several fights.
PS Everyone is tired, but it is better to be tormented immediately.

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