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Habib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor. And started a fight after the fight

The Russian fighter remained undefeated, having carried out a strangling hold on the Irishman in the fourth round.

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Habib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor and defended his UFC lightweight title. The Russian fighter conducted a choke in the fourth round. MacGregor lost the second time in his career, and Nurmagomedov remained undefeated. The match took place in Las Vegas, broadcast led the TV channel “TV game.”

Continued: Resonance: “Dagestan fights” after the battle of Habib and McGregor .

All three rounds were held mainly in the pit due to the actions of Nurmagomedov. For two rounds, the fighters almost did not stand in the rack and did not exchange blows. In the third, they spent several blows and the Russian coped with it better. In the fourth round, Habib turned the fight to the ground and held a choke – MacGregor knocked on the arm and gave up.

Immediately after the victory, Nurmagomedov climbed outside the cage and started a fight with McGregor’s sparring partner. Several employees of Habib got into the cage: they attacked the Irish fighter and his trainer, one of them began to beat him from behind.

The brawl was separated, both fighters were sent to the locker room, the awards ceremony was postponed until everyone calmed down.

Habib’s fight with Macgregor’s partner from a different angle

According to the TASS journalist, the manager Habib was arrested in the room under the stands. However, in the broadcast of “Match TV” one of the members of the Russian fighter’s team denied this information.

From the beginning of 2018, a conflict developed between the fighters, which created additional interest in the battle. First, the athletes argued on Twitter, and in April, MacGregor attacked the bus where Nurmagomedov was sitting. Before the fight, the fighters held two press conferences where the Irishman spoke to Ramzan Kadyrov and Habib’s relatives.

Much media attention was riveted to the fight : Russian celebrities supported Nurmagomedov, and Drake and some Western stars rooted for McGregor. In addition, even those who had not previously been interested in the UFC began to speak out about the fight: video bloggers or users of social networks.

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