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Bitcoin went up to $ 900 after a hearing in the US Senate

Bitcoin jumped sharply after the positive outcome of the hearing on virtual currencies in the US Senate. Reported by The Verge .
Bitcoin virtual decentralized currency rose sharply in price after a hearing in the US Congress on the topic of such means of payment. In less than a day, it has risen in price by more than three hundred dollars and reached its absolute price maximum – 900 US dollars. Half an hour later, the cost of Bitcoin dropped and until writing material was in the corridor from 635 to 770 dollars.

The congressional hearing was the final stage of a three-month investigation into Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The meeting consisted of two parts. The first speaker was Jennifer Shaski Calveri, director of the Financial Crimes Network, lawyer from the US ministry Mitylee Raman and secret service agent Evard. W. Lowery III.

In the second half, Ernie Allen, Director General of the International Center for Search for Missing and Exploited Children, spoke out: he said that virtual currencies are most often used to pay for child pornography. Other speakers included Patrick Murk of the non-profit Bitcoin Foundation, Jeremy Ellaire, CEO of Circle, a startup whose task is to make electronic currencies more friendly, and Jerry Brito of the George Mason University Research Center.

The Verge notes that even though most of the hearing was a discussion of the use of virtual currencies for illegal purposes, there was no fear of such means of payment among those present. Representatives of US government organizations have expressed their confidence in the fight against crimes using cryptocurrency, as evidenced by the loud closure of the sites of the “shadow Internet” that have become more frequent lately. According to Mitil Raman, ordinary bank notes are still the best means of money laundering.

As a result of the hearing, those present did not come to a general conclusion, however, for many after it, it became obvious that US government organizations did not want to ban electronic currencies, but to control them. Bitcoins were called “legal means of payment”, and the head of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, suggested that they could hold out on the market for quite some time. This tone has a positive impact on the rate of this electronic currency.

In 2013, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rapidly gained popularity. In late October, it was reported that a student from Oslo, who invested $ 24 in it several years ago, bought an apartment with money earned on the growth rate, and the world’s first Bitcoin-ATM began its work in Canada . Even on November 13, the maximum rate of Bitcoin was400 US dollars.

On November 18, after the end of the hearing, information appeared on the network about the Assassination Market site, where users collect bitcoins for the murders of politicians, including Ben Bernanke.

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