The prop for the door turned out to be a meteorite worth 100 thousand dollars

Central Michigan University

For decades, a resident of the US state of Michigan used a meteorite to support the door, the cost of which is now estimated at $ 100,000 (about 6.6 million rubles). The story is told by the Associated Press and the  website of the Central University of Michigan.

David Mazurek from Grand Rapids says he bought a barn from a farmer in the village of Edmore in 1988. Together with the barn he got a meteorite, which, according to the farmer, fell in his backyard in the 1930s. Mazurek became interested in the stone that served him as a door-stopper, after seeing news reports about meteorites worth several thousand dollars in January of this year.

A man brought a stone for analysis to the geological laboratory of the Central University of Michigan, where it was established that in fact it is an iron-nickel meteorite weighing just over 10 kilograms. This is the sixth largest meteorite of the 11 ever found in the state.

As noted in the message of AP, interest in the meteorite, the study of which continues, has already shown the Mineralogical Museum of Maine and the Smithsonian Institution. Mazurek plans to sell the find and donate part of the proceeds to the university, where he was helped to evaluate it.

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