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The American city was flooded with drunken birds – they “fly strangely” and slam into the windows. Blame fermented berries

The police asked residents to simply let the birds sober up.

Residents of the city of Gilbert (Minnesota) complained about the strange behavior of birds: they began to crash into the windows, cars and trees, stagger while walking and generally behave “confused.” Local police explained this by intoxication.

The reason for this condition – the berries and fruits that birds eat. Due to the early early frosts, they over-matured and began to roam before the birds flew south. An employee of the National Park Service Sharon Stitler (Sharon Stiteler) noted that in such cases, sugar begins to turn into alcohol. The liver of young birds cannot process all this, and they begin to get drunk.

The police department asked the residents of Gilbert not to call them with complaints, but simply to wait for the birds to “sober up”. Stitler advised to leave her in a dark corner when meeting a drunken bird and let her sleep. “I even made a detox box – with holes and water,” she added.

An example of a bird that has fermented fermented berries

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