Released trailer NF series Origin YouTube service

YouTube continues to try to “become like Netflix” – a video service published a trailer for the sci-fi web series Origin, whose teaser appeared last summer at the San Diego Comic-Con. The broadcast of the 10-episode serial starts on November 14 on YouTube Premium, which replaced the YouTube Red subscription.

One of the advantages of YouTube Premium is the ability to view content without connecting to the network; to do this, you must first download a video. In Belarus, the service is not available.

Origin is being directed by Paul US Anderson, and quite famous actors, such as Tom Felton and Natalia Tena, are playing the roles. According to the scenario, a group of astronauts is locked up on a spacecraft, which is heading for a remote planet. Of course, at some point, everything went wrong, the team leaves the anabiosis earlier than planned, and an unknown creature appeared on the ship.


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