Owners of the iPhone Xs Max complain about the top speaker. It’s buggy

Every day, a new problem. The owners of the iPhone Xs Max are dissatisfied with the work of the top speaker. He can turn off in a moment.

The first problem was discovered by users of the Reddit forum .

I have an iPhone XS Max. I noticed that when listening to music or watching a video, the top speaker of my smartphone just stops working. I entered the settings, moved the slider – nothing.

The reboot helped correct the error, indicating to me that it is software. I have at least three friends with a similar problem, but an absolute method of fixing it does not yet exist. Has anyone else come across this?

Other owners note that the same speaker may wheeze . Wheezing can be intermittent or permanent. What is the reason – no one knows.

How to fix

Both bugs in the work of the upper speaker are corrected by a simple action. You need to restart the smartphone.

However, after a while the speaker will start to fail again, so this is only a temporary solution. It remains only to wait for Apple to release a fix bug fix.

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