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On account of the poor Pakistani found 280 million dollars. He found out about the money when he was called in for questioning.

The man does not know how to write, so the authorities suspect that he was used to launder money.

Muhammad Abdul Qadir, a 52-year-old seller of ice cream from Pakistan, learned that his bank account held 2.3 billion rupees (about 283 million dollars). He became aware of this when he was called in for questioning by the Federal Investigation Agency, The Guardian reported .

Authorities were investigating a major money laundering scheme for which fake bank accounts were used. They have already managed to find 77 accounts issued for people with low incomes, through which billions of Pakistani rupees were transferred.

Kadir denied that the bank account belonged to him, despite the fact that he was registered on his identification card. He explained to the representatives of the agency that he would not be able to sign an agreement on the transfer of money, because he could not write. The man also added that if he had such a sum of money, he would not live in slums.

However, Kadir never received the money. Presumably, they were confiscated by the authorities.

I am the most unhappy man in the world. When I came to the bank to find out about the money, they were no longer in the account.

Muhammad Abdul Qadir

Kadir earned a living selling ice cream. He received about 500 Pakistani rupees (270 rubles) per day. Now he cannot return to work, as the story has spread throughout the district and the locals constantly mock him. Kadir’s mother fears that information about a large amount may attract bandits, and advised him not to work for some time.

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