NASA postponed the SpaceX manned flight until June 2019

The US space agency NASA reported that the first manned flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon, developed by SpaceX, was postponed from April to June 2019. The first manned flight of another ship, the Boeing CTS-100 Starliner, will take place in August of the same year. The announcement of this is published on the agency website.

In 2010, NASA launched a program to stimulate the development of private manned spacecraft that could deliver American astronauts to the International Space Station instead of approaching the latest flights of the American Space Shuttle and Russian Soyuz spacecraft. During the final phase of the program, NASA signed contracts to transport astronauts from SpaceX, which is developing the Crew Dragon ship, and Boeing, which is developing the CTS-100 Starliner.

Initially, the first flights of the ships were scheduled for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, but due to various problems during the development, the deadlines were repeatedly postponed. Now NASA plans to report monthly on expected launch dates, noting that they are likely to shift.

The unmanned flights of the SpaceX and Boeing ships are scheduled for January and March 2019, respectively. They will be followed by test manned flights when astronauts spend two weeks on the ISS. The first two long-term six-month expeditions to the ISS are tentatively scheduled for August and December 2019.

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