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Jules Winnfield puts points during Senate hearings on Brett Cavanaugh

For a long time “Pulp Fiction” didn’t fit so well in real life.

What is fuss about?

  • Donald Trump wanted to appoint Brett Cavanaugh as a judge of the US Supreme Court;
  • It is believed that once people choose such a position for life, they must be highly moral people;
  • Kavano is accused of attempted rape, allegedly taking place on the school bats in 1982. At the time, Christine Blasi, who had accused Cavanaugh, was 15 years old, and he himself was 17;
  • On Thursday, September 27, hearings were held in the US Senate – Christina Blasi and Brett Cavanaugh testified. The meeting was broadcasted by all the major US television channels to an audience of millions of people, including on the streets;
  • Blasi said that Kavano at her peer’s house threw her on the bed and started pulling off her clothes, but she managed to escape and shut herself in the toilet. According to her, the incident had a witness – Cavanaugh classmate Mark Judge;
  • Kavano was asked if it happened that when he was a teenager he was drunk to unconsciousness. He said that he loved beer and still loves beer, but he always kept his composure;
  • Judge Republicans refused to call the Senate, and he said through a lawyer that he did not remember those events. He is hiding from journalists;
  • During the Senate hearing, some senators, under pressure from activists, demanded that the FBI investigate those events;
  • Trump agreed to the fact that such an investigation was carried out (although he had previously considered Kavano as crystal-clear and innocent of the charges), but he took only a week to him – 5 October.

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