Impressions of the Android fan from the new iPhone

Apple is the trendsetter in the world of smartphones. The new iPhone Xs (Max) have become a minor update, and at first glance they did not bring something fundamentally new.

But it is not. Especially from the point of view of a person using an Android smartphone and the Google platform.

Comparing the iPhone X , Apple’s smartphones from the autumn of 2018 and devices from other manufacturers, it is clear: the choice of a smartphone has become more difficult than ever. And it is not always obvious.

Tested 50 smartphones in a year, but the iPhone Xs are the coolest

The presentation of the company from Cupertino determines the trends in the development of technologies related to the consumer electronics segment.

The new iPhone lineup has become a minor update of smartphones. However, there is something to look at.

Over the past year, I have tested more than 50 smartphones from different manufacturers and price ranges, from real flagships with innovative innovations to frank copies.

Despite this, the iPhone Xs Max stands out. It literally brings modern developments to a certain point, making it very good. But not always.

Apple copied color and material from Android. And that’s bad


Normal Xs are  too similar to last year’s flagship to draw any conclusions from it. Another thing – iPhone Xs Max .

It is a pity that my experience of its use was limited to a couple of days. But the general opinion was able to make. In addition, I hope for your help, and comments with the edits. Perhaps I did not fully understand the system.

Apple managed to combine the best and the worst in the industry: a huge frameless screen and a glass case. I do not argue: the glass case looks “rich” and very pleasant tactile. But not in gold.

One gets the feeling that Apple marketers have researched the market of “china phones”, which sell very well in this color. But black “xiaomi” is more expensive than gold  – that’s whygypsy Color better sold.

In the abundance of glass “androids”, the usual Xs looks good, not Max . Compact frameless smartphones are practically not on sale, and the niche remains the iPhone.

The small screen is the main feature of the iPhone. But big is better

The screen  size of 6.5 inches today has become commonplace among smartphones. If it were not for the real lack of a framework (a mono-brow is not counted) and an excellent matrix, the iPhone Xs Max just got lost among the others.

On the other hand, the eyebrow on the big screen becomes barely noticeable. There is no longer any reason to criticize Apple for this arrangement of the camera.


The total ratio of the screen area to the frontal surface visually accurately gives odds to all Android flagships.

Objectively, after the iPhone X, a big smartphone will be inconvenient for an Apple fan. But the Android-phage iPhone Xs Max will love it .

Most of the camp’s flagships look worse and have exactly the same ergonomics. But not functionality.

Non-scaling uncomfortable iOS


Xiaomi’s MIUI and iOS are very similar

Because the iPhone is a little more convenient. Narrow frames and lack of sides from top to bottom, the rejection of the keys and fingerprint sensor. Minimalism as it is. This “android” is not enough.

Gestures in iOS decide. Like the speed of the interface. No MIUI is near. So far, because the interfaces are already too similar.

Scaling in MIUI

But in iOS, I did not find one very important function from the already mentioned MIUI(Xiaomi’s proprietary shell over Android): interface scaling.

For the Chinese, it works like this: made a slide on the bottom of the screen -> the entire screen was scaled to a zone of 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 inches. The remaining space becomes empty.

Moreover, the zone can be fixed both to the right and to the left side of the screen. Thanks to this, even with a 7-inch screen can be controlled with one hand. Saves iOS in the iPhone Xs Max only an abundance of cool gestures.

You can adapt to the slippery body and unadapted system. But Android on the larger diagonals is more convenient.

The new iPhone has the coolest sound. It’s time to return the mini jack


But where the Android-flagships clearly do not compare with the iPhone Xs (Max), so this is its multimedia capabilities.

Ok, using it and any other 6.5-inch smartphone is about the same: everyone has an aspect ratio of close to 19: 9 or so. Black bars can not be avoided.

But somehow Apple managed to create a smartphone without the use of specialized components, which sounds much better than others. Stereo speakers and completely beyond praise!


Perhaps even my favorite OnePlus 5T / 6  with a Qualcomm DAC sounds quieter and not so volumetric. Only rare LG , Meizu or ZTE in Russia with a bunch of children’s ills can be called a competitor Xs .

So the iPhone is the choice of the music lover. It is a pity, like other flagships, without a mini-jack. But AAC and  aptX are still not the ultimate dream.

Want to shoot “on the machine”? Only iPhone Xs


The camera  is another item for which I love the iPhone. So far I have not seen the details of the modules used, but this is clearly something new.

In numbers, it may be inferior to expensive “androids,” but it does not require any gestures at work. And this is very cool.


On the machine, most Android smartphones are still not filming. Even with 3 cameras – iPhone Xs Max at least in the dark shoots better.

Of course, this is a software issue. That’s just the same notorious Xiaomi could not cope with it in the history of its own brand.

Why augmented reality and why is the main feature of Apple


Low poly google attempt to login to AR

For some reason, no review of the iPhone Xs has not touched the work of augmented reality in iOS 12 . Meanwhile, this is a real “killer feature.”

I will make a reservation: with augmented reality, I am familiar with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, created together with Google in the framework of Project Tango . Neither the smartphone nor the project took off. And they will not soar in the near future as Apple does.

Everything that I tested (almost all AR-applications for Android) work much worse than applications announced with iPhone X. Slowly, with glitches. Whereas in the iPhone everything is perfect.

What to say about updates for iOS 12? While Android developers are trying to do something worthwhile, the App Store already has workable lines, and applications that are more appropriate for serious engineering gadgets.

The free Homecourt basketball app is the best example. Projects of this level until the announcement of iOS 12  remained a lot of specialized classes and did not go to the masses.

Experience augmented reality with the  iPhone Xs is  not like anything from the past . It is these smartphones that will become the industry catalyst.

There is almost no difference between the iPhone and Android. But the iPhone is better


On the other hand, all of the above does not give the iPhone the undivided power that the dual-chamber iPhone 7 Plus or the frameless iPhone X had .

About the legendary “five” with the index and is not worth remembering. We will not see such a breakthrough for a very long time.

A couple of days using the iPhone Xs Max instead of my ZTE (there was a test Xiaomi Mi 8 earlier), I was convinced: this is the most balanced smartphone on the market.

He does not throttle, does not slow down, does not fail without communication (at least during my test). All that is – works at maximum.

Even the autonomy of the Xs Max is very good in real conditions , yielding to the few Android flagships (there is a different story about the mainstream, and not within the framework of this article).

Guess the smartphones on the photos

But the evolution of smartphones and the mindless copying of Apple chips by the manufacturers of “androids” had terrible consequences.

I can use the iPhone, and transfer to Xiaomi , Samsung or OPPO painlessly  . They all look alike, differing in aggregate qualities.

Not everyone will be able to notice the real differences of one smartphone from another. Although the iPhone is just nicer, and has great features on all fronts.

Copy iPhone killed all its competitors


Similarity with Android smartphones is not Apple’s fault, on the contrary. If earlier they tried to stand out with any unique features, today everything is sad.

OnePlus , OPPO , Xiaomi … They look like each other like 2 drops of water. I still can not change the smartphone, because I can not choose.

None of the “android” combines everything you need : one without stereo speakers, the other without optical stabilization, in the third forgot wireless charging, the fourth with problems in the firmware.

Entirely balanced apparatus is not. Especially if you expect from him what was before. For example, a unique camera or a cool sound in the headphones.


The iPhone Xs have it all to the max. For a single smartphone. Some are a little better off or work longer.

But that everything was at the same time at a high level? In this regard, the iPhone Xs, and especially the Max modification simply does not. Still half the price …

I’m waiting for the next iPhone: cheap and with a 7-inch screen


However, this year I will postpone the transition to iOS. The development of the concept of Apple smartphones is promising.

Probably, the iPhone 2019 will get a 7-inch screen, a smaller frame, a more convenient case material (corrugated glass?) And an adequate interface scaling system. And once again will be an occasion to follow.

If by that time the prices are reduced (there are all conditions for this), the iPhone 2019 will again become the most balanced smartphone.

It is such that is not enough. And today there is an iPhone Xs Max .

And if you have money, you use iOS to the fullest and you need to change your smartphone – iPhone Xs Max will not disappoint.

P. S.  But do not forget that for its price you can buy a pair of Samsung S9 Note , 3 top Xiaomi Mi 8  or 4-5 powerful Pocophone F1 . And this is not cool.

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