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Facebook Vice President visited the Brett Cavanaugh case. His staff a week can not calm down

Although Facebook executives from 2016 are extremely discouraged from publicly speaking on political issues, the chapter on foreign policy picked up and appeared on the most politicized process of the year.

Joel Kaplan and Mark Zuckerberg in Paris. Photo Bloomberg

The Senate meeting on the Cavanaugh case took place on Thursday, September 27: Joel Kaplan, Facebook Vice President, flashed several times in the broadcast of the Senate. The very next day, employees of the company expressed their concern about the appearance of Kaplan to Mark Zuckerberg, and used the question-and-answer session, which the head of Facebook holds every Friday.

For a week, the noise in the office did not stop, despite explanations from Kaplan and Zuckerberg (the latter explained the appearance of a top manager at the process by saying that they were close friends with Kavano). Many employees were unhappy that Kaplan had expressed support for a politician (which, to put it mildly, was not approved by the company), others (especially the female part) noted that this action carries the wrong message to women in the company about how the corporation perceives sexual attacks and the general place of women at work.

On Friday, October 5, at the Facebook office there should be a general meeting where Kaplan’s decision to attend the Cavano process will be discussed. For this, the vice president will have to fly to California, although he usually works in Washington. Facebook Vice President and COO Cheryl Sandberg acknowledged in a letter to employees that Kaplan’s decision to be present at the process was a mistake.

Those who do not know who Brett Cavanaugh is and because of what hearings were held in the Senate – the arrangement of points from Jules Winnfield.

Jules Winnfield puts points during Senate hearings on Brett Cavanaugh

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