An unusual exhibition opened in Moscow. Everything shot under water on the iPhone

Exhibitions that combine modern art and high technology have been the most high-end for several years now .

Therefore, this year, from 5 to 30 October, the third annual exposition of the re: Store digital art project, entitled “Immersion”, is open at the Museum of Moscow .

The re: Store digital art project, in collaboration with renowned underwater photographer Xena Holloway, suggests taking an individual path of self-awareness and trying to answer the eternal questions: “ who are we? “,” Where are we going? “And what place we occupy in today’s world.

At this exhibition, you can talk to your inner “I”

Underwater photos create the illusion of outer space.
Underwater photos create the illusion of outer space.


To reflect on these themes, the London team, led by Xena Holloway, prepared various installations and unique photos and videos taken on an iPhone X in an underwater case .

Attention! Resistance to splashes, water and dust is not a permanent feature of the iPhone and may decline with normal wear and tear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone: wipe and dry it according to the instructions in the user manual. Damage due to contact with liquid is not covered by warranty.

The works presented at the exhibition tell visitors about various ways of self-knowledge, starting from an internal dialogue with oneself and ending with the search for the meaning of life in natural laws and phenomena.

Studying art is also art
Studying art is also art


The second part of the exhibition traditionally demonstrates the best amateur photos and videos taken on the iPhone as part of the re: Store Mobile Awards online contest. There is something to see.

This is what Instagram users saw.

No less famous and talented people helped to create the Holloway exhibition in Moscow: choreographer James Cozins, who works with the Belgian Royal Ballet; makeup artist Scarlet Burton, whose clients are Leela Parsons and Iggy Azalia; audio accompaniment written by composer Dmitry Evgrafov.

Every year the re: Store digital art events are becoming more and more interesting, so don’t miss the opportunity to touch the beautiful this time , since the entrance is absolutely free, just like last year.

Name: Immersion
Where: Moscow, Museum of Moscow. Zubovsky blvd, 2
When: from 05 to 30 October

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