2 things that unrealistically enrage me in iOS

Every year, Apple is increasingly improving its operating systems and technology. IPhones are getting bigger, and iOS is more productive.

True, there is a small problem that the company can not fix for more than 10 years. Rather, even two problems.

Call Minimization

The big problem with calls is the inability to minimize them.

There are situations when you are inconvenient to answer the call, but you do not want to fold the interlocutor. For example, you look at the navigator where you need to collapse now.

I’m not saying that you need to hastily drop the call, just give the opportunity to hide it for a while.

As soon as someone starts calling you, all other iPhone functions are instantly blocked.

You can not manage your own gadget.
And if you are called by a person with whom you do not want to talk (for example, because of a quarrel)? Then what, wait, when he stops trying to reach you? After all, do not really want to dump.

I am sure you will say that you can click the send SMS button and thereby end the call. But why should I do this?

Read Reddit , there are the same “whiners” like me, more than 12 thousand.

There are also situations when some spammers call you from an unknown number. However, you will not know about it until you answer. And they will call, call and call. Until victory. Don’t answer yet.

Why not display the call as on the same Android? Top drop-down notification with answer and reset buttons. You can calmly finish your work and do not offend the caller.

I do not understand this. Where is simplicity, Apple?

Inconvenient volume slider

The second thing that is already sitting in my liver is the volume slider.

With the release of iOS 11, the Cupertinians slightly corrected this misunderstanding. If earlier the slider was solid, now it at least has become a bit more transparent. Yes, and in some third-party positions, it is almost invisible.

True, this did not improve the situation.

I do not know what they are doing in Cupertino, but they clearly don’t care about the user in this situation. This is not a tribute and memory to the first iPhones, this is a specific mockery of buyers.

If anything, I’m talking about it.

Yes Yes. The same volume slider that appears for a few seconds in the very center of the screen. And even the huge screen of the iPhone XS Max does not save the situation. The slider still hangs in the center of the screen and takes up a tremendous amount of space.

Honestly, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t want to correct this misunderstanding. He, objectively, interferes:

1 . When watching a video.
2 . When surfing the internet.
3 . In the games.

All that we do on the iPhone, it is impossible to do with comfort, because Apple can not decide to redraw the damn slider.

How can I fix these two problems

In the case of the call, I have already said how to correct the situation. It is enough to implement one of two functions.

Ability to minimize the call . Then the number or photo card of the subscriber will not close the entire interface of the operating system. Do not have to think, to drop the call or not.

Redraw the call interface . Who would not say something about Android, but there the function of calls is implemented humanly. Calls just come out on top in the form of notifications. So why not do the same on iOS?

As for the volume slider, it is still easier here. Just see how this is implemented in YouTube.

By analogy, corrected in Instagram. The volume slider is moved to the top of the screen and does not occupy any space at all.

So why not Apple replace the annoying regulator with a minimalistic one that won’t disturb users?

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