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“We are not a city of sin”: Houston authorities have banned the company to open a brothel with sex dolls

One of the members of the city council offered to photograph the customers of the institution and put it on the Internet.

Houston (Texas) City Council unanimously voted against the opening of a brothel with humanoid sex dolls from the Canadian company KinkySdollS. According to USA Today, local residents collected 10,000 signatures against the institution under construction, which they called the threat “for the city, neighbors and families.”

KinkySdollS is a sex services company from Toronto that planned to open one of the showrooms in Houston. Customers might see human-made synthetic leather dolls and rent them to use at home. Institution began to build near the city park and residential quarter.

However, in the city council of Houston, they listened to the residents and opposed a brothel with dolls. According to the law, as well as adult arcade machines, sex-oriented facilities also cannot be located near parks, residential buildings, schools or hospitals.

It is my prerogative to think that this is strange. It is my prerogative to think that this is also rude. It is my prerogative to have such feelings, and I think most people in Houston share this.

one of the members of the Houston City Council

“What happens in the bedroom between two adults is their business, but how business develops in society is our business,” one of his advisors supportedhim. Another added that customers of such brothels should be photographed at the entrance in order to be publicly condemned on the Internet.

According to the mayor, companies have been banned from engaging in sex work business with robots in Houston. However, they can still sell sex dolls like other similar toys. KinkySdollS did not comment on this.

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