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Nobel Prize winner before the award was “not well known” for Wikipedia

This week, Professor Donna Strickland won the Nobel Prize in Physics. People who began to search for information about it faced an unpleasant situation: there was no information about a scientist in Wikipedia. It turned out that the administration of the free encyclopedia considered Strickland not well known and therefore refused to register the page. 

The page about the professor was approved only after she got a Nobel Prize for a couple with Gerard Moreau. By the way, Strickland became the third female physicist in the history of the ceremony, which was awarded an award.

Donna Strickland is a professor at Canadian University of Waterloo. She received the Nobel Prize for research in the field of amplification of chirped pulses that can be used in medicine. In this case, Strickland and Moreau have been working since the mid-eighties.

Arthur Eshkin was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics – he created optical tweezers capable of moving tiny objects with light power.

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