Netflix bought the rights to the “Chronicles of Narnia” and is preparing to shoot films on the franchise

Streaming service Netflix announced the purchase of rights to the “Chronicles of Narnia”. In the foreseeable future, the company will be engaged in the filming of the series and new films in the framework of this franchise. The projects will be based on the books of Clive Staples Lewis, which came out in the middle of the twentieth century.

It is not yet known how much the vision of the Netflix tapes differs from the Hollywood film versions of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Interestingly, a little less than a year ago, another service, Amazon, also bought the rights to a cult book franchise – talking about “The Lord of the Rings.” The amount of the transaction was $ 250 million.

The seven books of the series The Chronicles of Narnia have sold more than 100 million copies, and they have been translated into about 50 languages.

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