Media: Apple began to block the repair of new MacBook Pro 2018 and iMac Pro in third-party service centers

In the event of an unofficial repair, the device cannot be used.

Under the new Apple rules, to repair the 2018 MacBook Pro and iMacPro models, you must run a special diagnostic program, available only to service centers that work with companies. Because of this, it will not be possible to repair equipment from organizations that have not concluded an agreement with Apple. This was reported by Motherboard and MacRumors , citing an internal Apple document.

According to the document, Apple will block the repair of all key components of the devices. In the case of macbooks, this is the display, motherboard, Touch ID, keyboard, battery, trackpad and speakers. And in iMac Pro, you can no longer unofficially repair the motherboard and SSD drive.

After repairing any of these components, you need to run the Apple Service Toolkit 2 program, access to which is available only to Apple Store employees and authorized service centers. If the program is not started at the end of the repair, the user will receive a broken system and an “incomplete repair”.

According to journalists, because of this, independent service centers will not be able to repair many components of the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro 2018. There is another problem: when the devices become obsolete and official components are no longer manufactured for them, the equipment will have nowhere to be repaired. The editions sought comment from Apple, but the company was unable to promptly respond to inquiries.

According to MacRumors, repair restrictions were made possible thanks to the T2 security chip, which is integrated into the 2018 iMac Pro and MacBook Pro. It combines several components that existed separately, including a system control controller, an image processing processor, as well as an audio and SSD controller. T2 also contains the Secure Enclave security coprocessor, which is responsible for secure boot, memory encryption and Touch ID authorization.

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