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Lukashenko showed modern Belarusian weapons

The President of Belarus today explained why the task was to create in the country his own new models of weapons and military equipment, as well as to master the deep modernization of the existing ones. Relevant statements, BelTA informs , were made at the test site in the Ivatsevichi district.

The head of state recalled that in recent years, the country had to modernize and adjust the Armed Forces to modern conditions several times. Including was taken into account the experience of wars and local conflicts in the world, the development of technical means. “We, in my opinion, for the fourth time we are trying to modernize our Armed forces as a whole – everything, not just the army, ” said the president.

– I set the task for us to start developing new types of weapons needed for the defense of Belarus. And since the creation of a new one is very expensive and expensive, we had to make the most modern of the old, BelTA quotes Lukashenko. –For our Belarus, tanks are not the main thing, not airplanes, but special troops. We must, at any point in Belarus (if something suddenly happens), quickly appear, strike at the bandits and those who dare to turn up, and leave. That is, speed, maneuverability. And under these troops – special operations forces and others – we had to create including new weapons. But only that which is necessary. We do not need aircraft carriers, we will not lead our aircraft to foreign shores. We are not going to fight far away. We need to protect Belarus. And under this it is necessary to create the most modern army and the appropriate weapons.

The head of state continued:

– The plane for us is no longer a weapon. Any aircraft on takeoff see NATO. Hit the plane today, destroy no problems.They can, and we can. We see for a thousand kilometers any plane that rises at the airfield. 50 million (talking about the cost. – Approx. BELTA) one plane. Rocket S-300, and it is not.

Nevertheless, he noted that aviation is needed to control the airspace and timely response:

– We need unmanned aerial vehicles, precision weapons (we created it – our own rocket). If someone wants to make war with us, he will think that he will receive this rocket through the window. Well, the forces of special operations must be equipped so that they can fight on their territory. And if someone dares, it means (we do not hide it), sabotage groups will strike at the territory with which the attack on Belarus will follow.

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