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Elon Musk for the first time commented on the agreement with the Securities Commission – made fun of the regulator on Twitter

In the behavior of a businessman, nothing has changed.

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Musk for the first time publicly spoke about the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after reaching an agreement. He tweeted that the regulator was doing an “incredible job,” but called the agency a “Shortseller Enrichment Commission” (in English, the abbreviation SEC was also reduced as the CSM).

“I just want to [say] that the Shortseller Enrichment Commission does an incredible job. And the name change is so appropriate! ”

Musk also noted that the CSD changed its name very timely. In a conversation with CNN, representatives of the regulator said that he had not changed his name and refused to comment.

One of the users asked the entrepreneur if he needed a smm specialist who would write tweets without errors (Musk missed the verb “say”) and would not cause the ire of the CSM. After that, Musk apologized, but not for a tweet, but for an admitted typo.

“I apologize for the typo. It was unforgivable. Why should they get angry about their mission? [The enrichment of short-sellers] is what they do. ”

The head of Tesla is not the first time sharply speaks about short-sellers – players of the exchange, who put down the company’s shares for the sake of quick profits. In addition, Musk called the short-sellers one of the main reasons why Tesla should leave the exchange and become a private company.

On September 30, the businessman agreed with the SEC after the department accused him of fraud. Musk agreed to leave the chair of the board of directors and pay a $ 20 million fine. The reason for the accusations was a tweet about the privatization of Tesla, in which the head of Tesla claimed that funding for leaving the exchange was “secured”.

The agreement between Musk and the SEC cannot be considered final: the federal judge must first approve the document, after which it will come into force within 45 days. The Board of Directors also has not yet created a special committee to oversee what the entrepreneur writes on social networks.

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