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An eight-year-old girl found a sword in the Swedish lake, which is 1.5 thousand years old

Jönköpings Läns Museum

An eight-year-old girl found an ancient sword on the shore of a Swedish lake

In the summer, eight-year-old resident of Sweden Saga Vanecek went with her family to the local lake Viderstern. In the water, the girl accidentally found a sword, whose age experts estimated at 1.5 thousand years.

It seems that something like this was in the legends of King Arthur.
Saga Vanechek

An eight-year-old girl found a medieval sword in a lake in southern Sweden, according to a press release from the Museum, Lena Jönköping. Perhaps it was made in the V-VI centuries, even before the Viking era.

The eight-year-old Saga Vaniček spent her summer holidays in Småland, a province in southern Sweden. On the shore of Lake Vidostern, she accidentally stepped on a rusty ancient sword. “I stood on the shore of the lake, throwing stones and sticks into the water, and watched how far they would fall. And then I found something like a stick, ” says the girl. “I picked it up and was going to throw it back into the water, but she had a pen, and that she was a little pointed at the end and all rusty …”. The girl called her father and gave the discovery to him. Saga’s parents handed over the artifact to archeologist Annie Rosen, Lena Jönköping Museum employee.

Brooch found in Lake Vidostern
Jönköpings Läns Museum

According to Rosen, the sword was in excellent condition, even the sheath made of wood and leather was preserved. The sword, 85 centimeters long, was made at least a thousand years ago, and perhaps earlier, in the 5th-6th centuries, even before the beginning of the Viking Age. Archaeologists investigated the bottom of Lake Vidostern, not far from where Saga found the sword, and found several other artifacts, including a metal fibula (a clasp for clothing), supposedly made in 300-400 AD

The saga told The Local that during a hike with her father named Andrew she stood on the shore and threw stones and sticks into the lake to see how much they would bounce off. The next “stick”, which the girl took, turned out to be a hilt and a pointed end – it was a rusty sword. He lay for a long time at the bottom of the lake, but because of the drought, the water level dropped dramatically.

At first, Andrew Vanechek did not attach importance to the find, deciding that it was just a toy. But then he showed the sword to a friend who is interested in history: he called the weapon “relic” and advised to carry it to the museum. Swedish experts estimated the age of the sword at a thousand years, but then corrected the data. According to them, the sword was forged in the fifth or sixth century AD, even before the Viking Age.

Scientists have asked the Saga family not to tell about the discovery before all the examinations. For the first time, the girl was able to share the story with her friends only on 4 October. In a conversation with journalists, she noted that after the incident she did not want to become an archaeologist – her career as a doctor or actress is closer to her.

This is so cool, I’m a fan of the Minnesota Vikings American football team (the Vanecek family moved to Sweden from Minnesota -) , and now I have found a sword like a Viking!

Saga Vanechek
girl who found the sword

CNN joked that Saga Vanecek can now be called the “Queen of Sweden”. This is a reference to the legend of King Arthur – he received the legendary Excalibur sword from the Lady of the Lake.

A few years ago , a sword of a Viking era was found in almost the same funny situation in Norway . The traveler settled on a halt and accidentally saw a single-edged sword made around 750–800.

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