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Wi-Fi standards get “human” notation

The Wi-Fi Alliance organization decided to rename the Wi-Fi communication standards, making them more understandable to users. It took just a couple of decades. So, 802.11n can now be designated as Wi-Fi 4, 802.11ac – Wi-Fi 5, and the future 802.11ax will become Wi-Fi 6. Outdated standards, those that are not widely used, are denoted by ordinal numbers from one to three .

It is possible that some confusion will still arise if there are any additional standards. In addition, for a sufficiently long time, old and new names will be applied. The advantage is that the user will understand intuitively: 6 is better than 5 or 4, and will not puzzle over the designations 802.11ac or 802.11g.

Now it’s up to manufacturers who will have to gradually move to new product labeling (universal icons have already been developed for this).

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