Why Apple TV 3 is needed in 2018

Recently I bought an Apple TV of the 3rd generation. At first glance, in 2018 this decision looks very strange. However, with the help of a set-top box, which was taken out of production in 2016, I solved a whole set of questions and spent a penny on it.

Now Apple TV replaces HDMI for me, which I have recently been allergic to, gives you the opportunity to listen to Apple Music on your home audio system and watch videos from your MacBook on a television screen, as well as providing access to hundreds of television channels.

Apple TV 3rd generation does not support tvOS – this is a prefix on which you can not install applications from the App Store.

It will coolly replace HDMI via AirPlay


I burned the MacBook Pro via HDMI – it happened in March of this year. After the tragic event, after which I had to buy another Apple laptop for a replacement and spend a lot of money on repairs, I don’t use such cables at all.

After connecting the HDMI cable on USB-C to one of the four ports of the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017 with the Touch Bar, smoke really went out of it (as in special effects from cheap action movies), I felt a smell of burning and hopelessness replaced my view of “The Adventures of Paddington” 2 “.

The laptop did not die completely. He definitely didn’t have one USB-C port, and the other problems were inside the “non-separable” case.

5 weeks I waited for the replacement of the motherboard entirely under warranty, was glad that the case was generally recognized as a marriage, and decided if possible to stop using HDMI.

The 3rd generation Apple TV turned out to be one of the cheapest, but adequate optionsto get rid of the wires and stream video to a TV or projector screen from a Mac via Wi-Fi.

To do this, simply enable screen duplication via AirPlay from the menu bar (if there is no corresponding icon here, go to “System Settings”> “Monitors” and look for the video replay parameters). It works tolerably, you can make presentations to the public and show photos to friends.

Similarly, it works with the iPhone and iPad. You need to select “Screen Repeat” in the “Control Point” and decide on the Apple TV to which all this needs to be broadcast.

Will show the movie on the big screen TV


Of course, all the movies you buy or rent via the iTunes Store work seamlessly on Apple TV 3. But it will also be important for many to view content from alternative sources – for example, from a Mac hard drive.

This is my first personal Apple TV. Before that, I had to work with test samples or set-top boxes of colleagues and friends. Therefore, I naively believed that with the help of a banal duplication of the screen on AirPlay, I would be able to watch my videos and offline movies on a big screen TV. Was wrong.

Normal screen dubbing is not always suitable for watching movies on a TV screen via AirPlay.

Yes, with video viewing and presentations video repetition will help. However, when the transmitted image becomes multicolored and dynamic, high-quality sound appears and that’s it, the Wi-Fi channel may be trite enough – especially if your router is not directly under the console.

The output will be a direct Internet connection to Apple TV via Ethernet (there is such an opportunity). However, I did not plan to flood the entire apartment with wires and intentionally did not start the cable to the TV during the repair. In 2018, no wired internet. What to do?

You need an application that will transmit via AirPlay not a copy of the screen, but a specific video that will be buffered.


Bad version: 5KPlayer (free). At one time, this Mac video player famously shot, as he was able to transfer video and audio from an iPhone and iPad to a Mac screen. The opportunity was useless in my eyes, but I liked it a lot.

But with the advent of this feature in QuickTime Player, the need for 5KPlayer in this section has disappeared.

Nevertheless, the player can work with Apple TV in the form that we need – to transmit not a screen double, but a video stream. This feature works without jerking and slowing down, but it is limited only to Apple’s branded MP4, and this is a failure …

This may sound silly, but I am also confused by the player icon with greetings from the time of skeuomorphism, with which it replaces all video files if you install the application for them by default.

A great option: Soda Player (free) is another matter. This player can transfer to Apple TV video of absolutely any format without any problems.

In addition, he works with torrents without the need to download, supports SOCKS5 and can transfer video even to Chromecast. The application works almost without failures, it has a great interface and a nice minimalist icon in blue.

It is strange that we do not have a full review of this miracle solution, and I will definitely correct this unfortunate misunderstanding.

The standard YouTube app is running


Of course, there is YouTube on any modern TV with Smart TV. On my new TV on Tizen from Samsung, the video service client is also preinstalled. But sometimes I use panels without smart features, and inexpensive Apple TV allows me to watch my favorite videos, reviews, and news.

By and large, many today prefer not movies or traditional television, but YouTube. Therefore, this feature on the big screen is more than relevant.

You can log into your account and get a list of subscriptions, there is a normal search and even a history of views. These opportunities for Apple TV 3rd generation enough .

It does not have Apple Music, but it can be solved


Unfortunately, using Apple Music on Apple TV of the 3rd generation without additional devices will not work at all desire. However, for me it was not a problem.

You can stream audio through AirPlay from iTunes or from a mobile device without any problems. To do this, simply select Apple TV as the playback source, and the sound from the iPhone, iPad or Mac will immediately go to the built-in speakers of the TV or an audio system connected to it.

On Apple TV, you can select the “Executed” menu. It shows the title of the song, the time and the album cover. Through the console itself to control playback will not work. However, if you launch music through the iPhone, you can even manage it using the Apple Watch.

Moreover, on Apple Music, the scope for action does not end there. You can also use any other music service that is closer to you.

And the console will open hundreds of TV channels …

When I bought Apple TV of the 3rd generation, I thought, first of all, to jailbreak the console and try to squeeze the maximum out of it. However, I did not study this issue in advance and faced the impossibility of its hacking and installing some additional software.

By and large, I would even have enough of a number of scenarios for using AirPlay (at least for the ridiculous price of this Apple TV), but access to additional content came to the rescue through the DNS spoofing.

With it, the built-in applications of the old Apple TV can be turned into limitless aggregators for television channels, films and TV shows.


Pager TV is the most legal service (known to us), with which you can bind to an old set-top box IPTV playlist with TV channels that any of the operators of your choice offers.

Using the service costs $ 1 per month. But a couple of weeks for testing is free. How to set it up?

Step 1. Turn on Apple TV – not only the 3rd generation, but also the 2nd

Step 2. Open “Settings”

Step 3. Go to the “Basic” section.

Step 4. Expand the Network menu.

Step 5 .. In WiFi or Ethernet, find the DNS setting.

Step 6. Select “Manual” in the “DNS Setup” and enter: or

Step 7. Return to the “Basic” section and position the cursor on the item “Send data to Apple”

Step 8. Open the “Profiles” menu using the “Play” button on the remote control.

Step 9. Select “Add Profile”

Step 10. Enter the address and click “Add”

Step 11. Register with Pager TV from a computer or smartphone

Step 12. Go to the VIMEO app on Apple TV

Step 13. Log in to your Pager TV account using a computer or smartphone


Step 14. Enter here the unique code that you see on the TV screen, and click “Save Changes”

Step 15. Now go to your playlist and add a link to the M3U playlist with channels, here’s a test channel for 3 channels –

Step 16. Exit VIMEO on Apple TV using the Menu button on the remote and go to it again. Above you will see switching between playlists, which you may have several.

Where to get such a playlist? Many Internet service providers work with IPTV, and Apple TV of the 3rd generation can be an excellent tool for using them.

Moreover, the service site has a lot of additional instructions that even help you create an IPTV playlist yourself.

What is the result? Need Apple TV 3 in 2018 or not?


I bought a 3rd generation Apple TV for $ 50. It is second-hand, but in a complete set and in general without traces of use. I think that even for AirPlay alone, this is more than an affordable price even if there is a cool Smart TV.

Do you need this prefix or not? If you do not see the point in everything that I have described, it is not needed. If you do not mind a couple of hundred bucks on the current generation, it is better to take it. If it is a pity, the option is not bad .

Of course, if you already have a similar Apple TV, and you use it in a special way, be sure to share your scripts in the comments. Subject interesting.

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