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Who replaced Poltavchenko as governor of St. Petersburg: 5 links about Alexander Beglov

“Loyal and executive”, “not hysterical” and criticized for relatives in the city government.

Alexander Beglov (right). Photo

The plenipotentiary of the president in the North-West Federal District, Alexander Beglov, after the resignation of Georgy Poltavchenko, became acting chairman . Beglov is not the most open and not very well-known official in St. Petersburg. In August 2017, he got into the “Kremlin report” of the US Treasury, which compiled a list of those close to the leadership of Russia.

  • Beglov is the second consecutive governor of St. Petersburg, who was born in Baku and previously held a permanent representative position in the Central Federal District. The only lengthy period when he did not work in state or municipal posts is 1991-1997. In 2003, he joined United Russia. The official tried himself in various fields – from the office of the president and the security council to the head of the council for Cossack affairs and work as plenipotentiary in two districts – the official biography at TASS ;
  • “Loyal and executive” Beglov has long been regarded as a replacement for Poltavchenko. He worked in St. Petersburg in the 1990s, managed the Resort District, and even after going to other regions, tried not to lose touch with the city – a certificate of Beglov’s return to the city from Business Petersburg ;
  • “He is calm, constructive, not hysterical, it’s good to work with him, because he can prove something”, “Beglov is not so Orthodox as Poltavchenko, because Poltavchenko is a believer frantically,” the opinion of the journalist, former official and political scientists Medusa ;
  • Some Beglov’s relatives work in the government of St. Petersburg, for example, the spouse in the Committee for Vital Records, and the son-in-law in the Committee for Physical Education and Sport. Human rights activists will demand the dismissal of relatives due to a conflict of interests – in detail about the Beglov family on “Moyke78” ;
  • “Beglov himself is by nature and a specialty builder. I have no doubt that with him there will be much to build. What the city needs. And the temples – this, too, is no exception. Another thing, what and how many “- an interview with the first governor of St. Petersburg on the prospects of the new head of the city on the” Fontanka “ .
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