We only have Wi-Fi thanks to Steve Jobs.

Today it’s almost impossible to imagine our life without a wireless Wi-Fi network. As it turned out, we owe Steve Jobs the popularization of technology. This was told by the former executive director of Lucent Technologies.

Although Wi-Fi technology itself appeared in Holland (although there is a lot of controversy on this score), Jobs made it a commercial product.

By that time, we had been engaged in the implementation of WLAN technology for more than ten years. They wanted to make it widespread. But all without success. 

Finally, Apple representatives arrived at headquarters. Steve Jobs had been nurturing the idea of ​​wireless communication for the company’s laptops for several years. In particular, he was looking for a similar technology for the iBook laptop.

Jobs offered $ 50 for each Wi-Fi module that will be installed in a laptop. But this price was below cost. However, the Lucent management agreed.

For a whole year we worked on the brink. In fact, they made boards and sold them at cost without any profit. 

But this investment was worth it. The demand for Apple laptops and the rapidly growing popularity of Wi-Fi have borne fruit.

An important role was played by the presentation and the focus that Jobs demonstrated during the iBook announcement.

To confirm the operation of the wireless technology, he took the hoop and ran a laptop through it. The reaction of the public was overwhelming: a squall of applause and a hall that literally stood up. 9to5 ]

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