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Top free apps in September 2018


  • 1. Kiwi Browser
  • 2. Tor Browser
  • 3. “Your Phone” for Windows
  • 4. SW True-Fi Beta
  • 5. “StoryZ Live Photos”
  • 6. Calculus calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus
  • 7. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
  • 8. Top Drives
  • 9. Rise Up
  • 10. Red
  • Bonus: six applications from Belarusian developers

1. Kiwi Browser

How many browsers do, all of them are few. One is better than the other, faster and safer. Fortunately, users are not limited in choice, and developers do not remain in debt. The Kiwi web browser ( Android ), based on the Chromium 69 engine, has become another web surfing tool for the Internet .

The main advantages of the browser are really high speed and efficient built-in ad blocker. In addition, the browser has protection against “crypto-bandits” who try to mine virtual money using your mobile device. Many will not earn you, but there is no desire to put up with it.

What I would like to see in Kiwi is more frequent updates with fixes. However, the developer is in touch with users and promises to actively work on improving the program.

2. Tor Browser

Again the browser, but this time focused on providing a high degree of security (presumably). So far, Tor Browser for Android is at an early stage of development, which, however, does not prevent it from functioning properly. True, with some “but” – you will need to install the Orbot VPN application. According to the developers, after the release of a stable version of the Tor Browser, there will be no such need.

The program diligently anonymizes the user, trying to make him look like everyone else, blocks scripts that follow the habits and activities of the user (by the way, Kiwi, described above), encrypts traffic and generally tries to calm down the paranoid inside.

3. “Your Phone” for Windows

This application is unusual in that it requires a computer running Windows 10, and even with the latest update. The latter became available for download the day before, the program “Your phone” was included in it. For this reason, the link is only to the Microsoft site .

Using an Android and iOS application, a user can instantly transfer pictures to a computer without wiring or downloading email. Also, PC access to text messages on a mobile device, you can synchronize work on your computer and smartphone. Owners of iOS-devices are not lucky – and so not particularly advanced functionality of “your phone” for them is significantly reduced.

4. SW True-Fi Beta

Another “system” program is SW True-Fi Beta ( Android ). It is intended for those who constantly listen to music with headphones, but are not satisfied with the instruments available for adjusting the sound (or they are completely absent).

In the settings you can adjust the sound, however, the application itself, after selecting headphones from a fairly extensive base, corrects the flow. From the minuses – the built-in player without the support of third-party programs and streaming services (exception – Spotify). That is, you will be tied exclusively to the music in the memory of a smartphone or tablet.

How well the sound is converted after being processed by SW True-Fi Beta equalizers, you can evaluate by downloading the program. But remember that she did not get to the final release, so bugs are possible.

5. “StoryZ Live Photos”

Enough fun application for lovers of photography and all sorts of effects. Thanks to the “smart” animation, “StoryZ Live Photos” ( Android ) allows you to create truly psychedelic pictures. The interface is as simple as five kopecks – even without training, you can quickly figure out how everything works.

In addition to animating static shots, you can combine videos and images in “StoryZ Live Photos” for even more fun results.

Our advice to you – in no case do not try the animation on the portraits of people dear to you.

6. Calculus calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus

The following application will need very smart schoolchildren and students. Well, not only them. We will not list all the features that are listed in the Calculus calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus ( Android ) description – there are too many (but not all are available in the free version).

Simply put, this is a true compute combine, with support for a huge number of functions and capabilities for various mathematical sciences. There is even a scanner for formulas written on paper.

A very specialized tool, but for those who constantly deal with calculations, the “Complex Calculator” may turn out to be a demanded thing.

7. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Oh, we could not overlook the game Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom ( Android , iOS ). Moreover, usually produces quite good projects. Developers offer to become the lord of a medieval castle, take care of new subjects, assign responsibilities, train and protect their people. Well, in parallel to conquer the world.

In terms of gameplay and management, Hustle Castle is reminiscent of the Fallout Shelter, except that the story is a little more eventful – with caravans, clans, portals and labyrinths. Yes, and with medieval multiplayer.

In the story campaign there is a set of a large number of missions, openly building, there are orcs, combat magic, skeletons and dragons.

8. Top Drives

Top Drives ( Android , iOS ) – an amusing racing arcade with nice graphics. The developers call it a “collectible card game”: for races, you need to collect “decks”, shuffling cards for a specific track in them.

Machines can be improved, but in the later stages it is more difficult to do it – somewhere near it donat is moving more and more actively (which, moreover, has risen in price recently). But without it, the process goes forward.

The tracks are of the same type, the interest is retained by the need to select the right cars – the same set can play in different ways. There are problems with balance, as well as a low-informative interface: there is a lot of information, but the necessary information is hidden too far, which is critical for Top Drives.

Plus – a park of real licensed cars with statistics from the magazine Evo. And do not need to drive a car – they will go.

9. Rise Up

Further – even easier. Although everything is relative. The game Rise Up ( Android , iOS ) is simple to disgrace, but it will require a good reaction and strong nerves. Or assiduity. Or both. You have a ball that you need to push through various obstacles, and they are insidious.

Management – with one finger. Very simple and sometimes very nervous. No wonder that only 1% of gamers get to the thousandth level.

10. Red

And another representative of mobile primitivism is the Red puzzle ( Android , iOS ). If for some reason you missed it, you should catch up. There are 50 not too difficult levels here, so the user gets that rare chance to complete the mobile game to the end. If this does not seem enough, the developer has a set of other colors.

And, they say, musical accompaniment in Red otpadno (depends on tastes, in fact). Yes, by the way, after this game can ruffle in the eyes.

Bonus: six applications from Belarusian developers

1 . Novice Android developer Dmitry tried his hand at finance by offering the Rubel program ( Android ). He admits that there are a lot of similar applications, but you need to start with something.

In the program, you can select four currencies as the main ones. Available to view the dynamics for the week, month, year, course for yesterday, today and tomorrow, as well as the difference with the previous day. The application has a dynamic conversion converter. There is a separate tab to display the rate set by the National Bank.

2. And here is another attempt to make a convenient program for the train schedule –  “” ( Android ). Information about the movement of the route at the specified stations of departure and arrival and for a particular station, as well as the number of the platform from which the train departs, and where the first car is located and whether there will be delays. Of the minuses – the application requires a permanent connection to the network.

3. Belarusians are trying to create an aggregator of car sharing services that come to Belarus with enviable regularity. “Our program shows the machines of all providers of Minsk on one map. The maps themselves are provided by the Yandex.Maps service, which ensures maximum detail and accuracy of the routes. Also, the user gets the opportunity in one click to go to the operator’s application for booking a car, ”  Timofey told us about carShar ( Android , iOS ).

4. “Wedding Planner” ( Android ) from Belarusian developers helps to gather all the information about the preparation for the wedding, form tasks, control them, manage the budget, guests and wedding contractors. For authorized users, additional possibilities are provided: data synchronization, helpers connected to the wedding, as well as working with several weddings at once. Suppose that the last mentioned opportunity will be useful for event organizers. Or an undecided bride.

5. The game Pixel King ( iOS ) is positioning itself as the founder of a new genre – color by number RPG (CBN-RPG). The project combines the elements of a role-playing game with character development and the coloring of black and white sketches of numbered fields. In Pixel King, ready-made sets of coloring schemes are available to players. Successful assignment leads to an increase in experience, a new level and character development.

6. Two developers who have been engaged in browser games on Flash in the past decided to release the “sticky everyday shooter” for Android –  Angry Gun ( Android ). As Belarusians describe their offspring, this is a dynamic arcade shooter with colorful graphics in a voxel style. In general, this is enough to try.


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