There are 70 new emoji that will appear in iOS 12.1

Apple has announced more than 70 new emoji, which will soon appear in iOS, macOS and watchOS . Among them are smiles with red or gray hair or without them at all, a fresh set of emotions, as well as new animals and sports.

Smilies became part of the Emoji 11.0 and Unicode 11.0 sets .

New Emoji is already available in the test version of iOS 12.1, so we were able to examine them from all sides to analyze the values ​​of each and help you use them correctly.

Smiles and people:

🙂 Name Description
1 Fell in love Tell a loved one how much you love him
2 Very hot For the hottest situations, and it’s not just about the weather
3 Very cold Explain how physically and morally you are cold
4 A party The event is in full swing, congratulations, fun
5 Drunk Everything that has been written before this smile cannot be taken seriously
6 Beggar Use this smile when tearfully asking for something
7 Super hero woman Ready for exploits
8 Super hero man Ready for exploits
9 Super villain woman ready to get up
10 Super-villain man ready to get up
11 Leg Part of the body
12 foot Part of the body
13 Redhead woman Previously, red women were deprived, now there is no
14 Redhead man Previously, red men were deprived, now there is no
15 Curly woman For all girls who have wavy hair, you can show the effect of curling
16 Curly man For all men who have wavy hair, you can show a reaction to the prices in TSUM
17 Bald woman In life or after illness
18 Bald man In life or after illness
19 Gray woman Perhaps an old woman, maybe not
20 Gray-haired man Maybe an old man, maybe not
21 Tooth Part of the body, you can use with the phrase “I give a tooth!”.
22 Protective glasses When you collect things on a trip or remind to take something like that
23 Lab coat It can be used with or without a specific profession.
24 Hiking boots For those who travel a lot over rough terrain
25 Shoes with a flat sole Girls usually call her “low stroke” or “ballet flats”
26 Tools Suitcase with things to travel

Animals and nature:

🙂 Name Description
1 Enot The one who poloskun, you can call a person who likes to wash
2 Lama Remember, if you feed the female first, the male can spit in you
3 hippo Big and funny, loves to dive and gracefully emerge, so you can call the fat man
4 Kangaroo He jumps far and hides children in a bag on his stomach, looks like too caring mothers
5 Badger Do not build dams, but workaholic
6 Swan When small, faded and scary, but then turns into a handsome
7 Pavlin Beautiful, but constantly boasts of it and trying to attract attention
8 A parrot He constantly repeats the same thing, including people.
9 Lobster If well cooked, then very tasty.
10 mosquito Bites and does not sleep on summer nights

Food and Drink:

🙂 Name Description
1 Bone All that remains of this dinner, but she is the whole dinner for the dog.
2 Mango Fruit, to an amateur
3 Green salad The main component of many salads
4 Bagel It can be soft, and it can be hard domestic
5 Salt shaker There is salt in it
6 Chinese cake Traditional delicacy, which is prepared as a symbol of the regular autumn festival
7 Kapkeyk Cake or cupcake, sweetness


🙂 Name Description
1 Skate Board with wheels on which, with a certain skill, you can ride
2 Softball ball It’s almost like baseball, but the size of the ball is much smaller.
3 Frisbee Great fun for a couple of people or for humans and dogs
4 Lacrosse Extraordinary sport
5 Puzzle Logic puzzle, task, complexity


🙂 Name Description
1 Compass Useful to navigate the terrain
2 Brick It seems to be needed in order to build a house
3 Fireworks I am sure many will use it as dynamite
4 Chinese envelope with money It can be decorated with gold, usually given such for holidays
5 Evil eye Amulet that will protect you from the evil eye
6 teddy bear Smile, which is perfect for any such toy
7 Bills Today, they are used to a greater extent only for the entourage
8 Receipt For example, about paying
9 Toolbox It has a hammer, pliers and an adjustable wrench.
10 Magnet This smile can also be used in the sense of attracting
11 Test tube Laboratory fixture
12 Petri dish Another laboratory fixture
13 DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid, which stores data about our body
14 Microbe It is not visible to the naked eye, but it is
15 Fire extinguisher To put out the fire
16 Lotion For example, for the body
17 Spool of thread To sew or sew
18 Yarn To knit
19 Pin Sometimes it is used against the evil eye.
20 Broken Some use it to clean, others fly
21 Basket Not just for trash
22 Paper roll Can be found in the toilet, often ends
23 Soap Normal or economic
24 Sponge Bob, is that you ?!


🙂 Name Description
1 Infinity The eight on the side is a sign of something that does not end.


🙂 Name Description
1 Jolly Roger For those who consider themselves the “legend of the seven seas”

Together with the Unicode consortium, Apple is already developing additional emoji that will become part of Emoji 11.0 and Unicode 12.0 . Most likely, they will be presented to us already in 2019.

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