The winners of the TEFI-2018 prize are named

On October 3, the 22nd awards ceremony for the Russian television projects of the 2017-2018 season took place at the Moscow Musical Theater.

Since last year, the statues of “Golden Orpheus” are distributed not at the end of June, but at the beginning of October. A cut-down recording of the ceremony and awards will be shown by Channel One on October 3 at 23:30 Moscow time. However, on the official website of TEFI and in various media you can already see a list of nominees and winners in two award categories: “Daytime Live” and “Evening Prime.

The winners of the category “Daytime broadcast”

  • Morning program – “Angel Day” (Channel Five)
  • The host of the morning program is Marina Kravets “Big Breakfast” (TNT)
  • Day talk show – “Wait for me” (NTV)
  • Entertainment program “Lifestyle” – “Eagle and tails” (Friday)
  • Educational program – “The World Inside Out” (Friday)
  • TV Game – “What? Where? When? ”(Channel One)
  • Documentary project – “Classified Listings” (REN TV)
  • Journalistic Investigation – Revizorro (Friday)
  • Reality show – “Solved” (Che)
  • Daytime TV series – “Street” (TNT)
  • The program for children and youth – “Three cats” (STS)
  • Broadcast / Non-Etheric TV Program Promotion – “Squirrels – Dancing” (Channel One)
  • The host of the sports program / sports commentator is Tatiana Tarasova “Olympic Games of 2018. Figure skating. Women. Free program (Channel One)
  • Television project about sports – “Ice Age. Children ”(Channel One)

Winners of the category “Evening Prime”

  • Information program – “News” (REN TV)
  • Presenter of the information program – Sergey Brilev “Vesti on Saturday” (Russia 1)
  • Reporter / operator of the report – Yevgeny Poddubny, Alexander Pushin “The war in Syria: the final appeared on the horizon” (Russia 1)
  • Presenter of the information and analytical final program – Andrei Dobrov “Dobrov on the air” (REN TV)
  • Informational and analytical final program – “Dobrov on the air” (REN TV)
  • Interviewer – Nail Askerzade “Actors with Nailya Askerzade” (Russia 1)
  • Primetime Entertainment Talk Show – Saranhe (CTC Love)
  • Leading entertainment talk show prime time – Andrei Malakhov “Hello, Andrei! Evening show of Andrey Malakhov “(Russia 1)
  • Social and political prime time talk show – “60 minutes” (Russia 1)
  • The host of a social and political talk show of prime time – Olga Skabieva, Evgeny Popov “60 minutes” (Russia 1)
  • Entertainment program – “Dance” (TNT) and “Evening Urgant” (Channel One)
  • The leader of the entertainment program is Anton Lirnik, Roman Yunusov “Weekend Show” (STS)
  • Humorous program / show – “Show“ Ural dumplings ”” (CTC)
  • Serial comedy / sitcom – “The Awesome Crew” (CTC)
  • The director of a television film / series is Alexander Kott, Konstantin Statsky “Trotsky” (Channel One)
  • The best actor of a television film / series is Konstantin Khabensky “Trotsky” (Channel One)
  • The best actress of a television film / series – Anna Ukolova “Ivanovs-Ivanovs” (STS)
  • TV film / TV series – “Trotsky” (First)
  • TV producer of the season – Nikolay Kartoziya (Friday)
  • The event of the television season – “Gogol. Beginning “(TV-3)

Special prizes

  • Cyril Kleymenov “for creating a new image of the program” Time “”
  • Vladimir Solovyov for the documentary project “World Order 2018”
  • Channel Five for the 80th anniversary
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