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Shares of the chip maker fell 60% after Bloomberg spying charges. And keep falling

“Affected” companies deny the existence of surveillance.

On October 4, a few hours after the opening of the stock exchange, shares of Chinese server equipment manufacturer Supermicro fell by more than 60%. The reason for this was the material Bloomberg, which stated that the factories of the company installed spy bugs in motherboards designed for servers of American companies.

Supermicro stock chart. Yahoo Finance image

As one US official noted, the vulnerability in Supermicro is comparable to that in Windows — it “affects the whole world.” The Chinese company is one of the largest manufacturers of motherboards, server racks and stations.

Bloomberg received information from 17 different sources, including anonymous interlocutors among US authorities. Journalists claim that servers with bugs were delivered to at least 30 large companies, including Apple and Amazon.

However, corporate representatives deny the presence of vulnerabilities and third-party chips in Supermicro servers. Amazon and Apple claim to have tested devices and found no bugs. Companies also refute cooperation with the FBI, which was mentioned by Bloomberg.

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