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Samsung 8K TV with 85-inch QLED screen was priced at $ 15,000

Earlier this year, Samsung announced its first TV with 8K-screen and QLED-matrix. The device has received the designation “model Q900R” and will be available with diagonals 65-, 75-, 82- and 85 inches. The older model with a 85-inch screen has become available for pre-order, and the price for it bites is $ 15 thousand. Buyers will be able to get the TV closer to the end of October.

For the time being, the prices for smaller diagonals remain unanswered.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the 8K-TV Samsung, we recall, began to actively promote upscaling technology – 8K AI Upscaling. It sounds impressive, especially if we mention the Quantum Processor 8K processor, which is responsible for fitting the picture with a lower resolution. The company claimed that 8K is obtained as such “regardless of the quality of the source code”.

Another interesting feature of the TV is the Ambient Mode, in which the device takes a picture behind itself and displays this image on the screen: an illusion of transparency Q900R should be created.

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