Russian Railways has promised not to buy second-class cars from 2025 and replace them with “new type” trains

The monopolist company plans to install a service zone, USB sockets and shower rooms in the cars.

Photos from the community “farewell to the reserved seat”

Russian Railways plans to stop buying second-class cars until 2025 and replace them with single-storey trains of a new generation, Vedomosti reported , having studied the draft long-term development program of the company. According to estimates of Russian Railways, in 2016 66% of long-distance traffic accounted for the reserved seat.

According to the project, the compositions of the new type will be two-car couplings with a junction and one conductor. It is planned that the vacant place of the conductor in each of the two cars will be occupied by the service area with vending machines or luggage space. In one of the toilet rooms are going to arrange a shower. Project photos were not published.

According to Vedomosti, in the middle of 2019, new cars should be tested and obtained the right to use them on the railway. The compositions are developed by Transmashholding on the instructions of the Federal Passenger Company – 100% of a subsidiary of Russian Railways.

Railways also intends to update existing second-class cars, which are more than 12.5 years old. Plans include zones with vending machines, USB sockets, touch panels and LED lights.

The project of a double coupe of a new type. Photo Railways, “Vedomosti”

In 2020, Russian Railways will probably begin to buy new-deck double-deck cars, consisting entirely of compartments. They will include three classes of service, which are somewhat different from the existing 4-seater and 2-seater coupe (CB).

  • 4-seater coupe: the cheapest fare, similar to the reserved seat;
  • Single coupe: fare similar to the current coupe;
  • 1-2 seater coupe of increased comfort with an individual toilet: CB rate.

The company plans to increase the width of the sleeping shelf by 10 centimeters in a 4-seater coupe and by 20 centimeters in the other classes of service. According to the project, passengers will be able to regulate the temperature specifically in their compartments. Doors promise to make wider – both in the car, and in the salon and the corridor.

RZD also wants to change the interior of the “entrance hall”, making it into a 1-seater and 1-2-seater compartments like a lobby with a guide bar. According to Vedomosti, service in these categories is going to be done on the principle of a “hotel on wheels”.

The concept of a single compartment. Photo Railways, “Vedomosti”

According to the calculations of railway workers, after the transition from a double-decker car to a new-generation car, the cost of transport will decrease by 9-10%. At the same time, Russian Railways did not disclose absolute figures.

In May, RBC learned that the FPC plans to replace gravitational toilets only in 2025, which dump the contents on the way or into a removable tank. Now they are equipped with 53% of the compositions. After 2025, it is expected that dry closets will appear instead.

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