OnePlus 6T will still get a built-in fingerprint scanner

Minus one surprise from the presentation of the smartphone OnePlus 6T – the company in the new commercials confirmed the name of the next “killer of all flagships”, and also spoke about one of the features of the mobile phone. He will get a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, as various sources have previously stated.

Innovative feature can not be called, since there are models on the market with a similar fingerprint sensor, and the pioneer was the Vivo brand. True, it is worth considering that OnePlus, like Vivo and Oppo, are subsidiaries of BBK Electronics. That is, in theory, they can all share “interesting” technologies, but more often they act on their own.

The diagonal of the screen OnePlus 6T will be, apparently, 6.4 inches (at a resolution of 1080 × 2340 pixels), we will surely see a “mono-brow” in one or another of its manifestations. Announcement of the device is scheduled for October 17.

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