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“Venom” after “Dedpool” and “Logan” could pick up a revolutionary movement in the genre of kinokomiksov. The first trailers hinted at the appearance of another adult (anti) hero in the Marvel universe who ruthlessly deals with enemies and jokes with relish. Everything that a normal adequate audience deserves, loving entertaining films and denying snot and childish naivety.

But something, as always, went wrong.

We already went to the premiere, the impressions are mixed. We tell why the biggest movie portals of the new film have disgusting reviews (at the time of writing this article on RottenTomatoes – an average rating of 4.3 / 10).

Are film critics right?

The main disappointment from “Venom” appeared long before its viewing. In mid-September, it became known that the picture received a children’s soft rating (PG-13). Alas.

No, I’m not a fan of meat in The Saw and not savoring bloody moments in Eli Roth films. But if you shoot a movie about a monster tearing off the head and eating people, then the rating should correspond.

The producers were reinsured, and it did not go to the benefit of the film.

The point is not that we will not see the hell scenes: the lack of blood and truly brutal scenes are sad, but you can do without them. In the end, a good film, from which students and adults will be delighted, can be shot with a rating of PG-13. Even if it’s a comic.

A great example is the Dark Knight.

The main problem is that the decision to “cut” “Venom” to the children’s rating clearly led to the loss of part of the plot bundles. Motivation of characters and its cardinally changes do not serve any logic. “White” plot spots the size of blots on the poster “Venom” make the film frankly stupid.

Quote from the movie:
– I called the police 
– Why the police? We need an ambulance.

Why did the character do that? What made him change his mind? The script is not able to answer such questions. Add to this the dull straightness and get a banal story of theformation of a hero with unusual features. Boring and secondary.

In this situation, the film usually saves cool action. But with this in the “Venom” is not all smooth. Spectacular scenes are killed installation 3-5 seconds gluing. Frames flicker, not allowing to figure out what actually happens on the screen. Welter!

Even from the large-scale spectacular chase, which was spoiled in the trailers , there is no pleasure. There are special effects, but they do not cause a wow-effect. The final fight causes a yawn.

Further more. The main antagonist with might and main conquers the cosmos (how do you feel about it, Ilon Musk?), Makes hellish experiments, but in general does not have charisma. Stat.

In other words, the situation here is typical of the Marvel film novel: the villain is not-as-oh .

What the writers did with his black side is not given to any explanation at all. The character appears, and then disappears for six months. What exactly he did nobody knows.

And what good is in the film?

Let’s make a break at the beginning of the franchise. The formation of the hero and his black side is important. Normal adequate enemies will be brought next time.Of course not. This is Marvel.

Saves the picture black naughty humor and Tom Hardy. The first is quite resourceful, the second once again demonstrated his acting talent, playing a rather ambiguous and sometimes stupid character.

It is difficult to understand whether some of the scenes were really shot with the intention of making the audience laugh, but at times the movie is notably amusing. Virtually every dialogue of the hero Tom Hardy and symbiote causes laughter . A sort of comic version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Surprisingly, it is their “family” conversations that make the film more cheerful.

Quote from the movie:
– You’re the type of my personal car. 
– And where are we going?

As a result, the viewer gets a messy horror movie with black humor and is rated PG-13. A strange combination that does not work as needed.

The scene after the titles openly hints at the continuation of the story. I hope that the authors will be able to fully unleash the potential of such a magnificent monster in the second part. Just find the eggs from the producers.

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