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MIT recognized the scientific benefits of Wikipedia and indicated that other scientists refer to its articles.

The open encyclopedia not only spreads knowledge, but also helps in the formation of science.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Pittsburgh published a paper in which they proved that scientific papers are increasingly referring to information from Wikipedia.

The study indicated that scientists and other scientists use Wikipedia in their work on articles. “The encyclopedia not only contains records from research, but also helps shape science,” said MIT professor Neil C. Thompson.

Scientists from two universities have assigned graduate students to prepare several scientific articles that are not available on Wikipedia. Half of the materials published in the encyclopedia, and half not. After some time, they discovered that the articles uploaded to Wikipedia received thousands of views and links in other researchers ’scientific works, while ordinary materials went unnoticed.

The results indicate that the publication of scientific knowledge in accessible sources is a cost-effective way to promote science. This is especially useful for those who do not have access to traditional sources of scientific information.

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It turned out that materials from the encyclopedia are reflected in approximately every 300 words in scientific journals and publications. At the same time, another problem emerged: many authors refused to refer to Wikipedia, but their work was still tracked through similar words and conclusions.

At the same time, as The Next Web noted , MIT students are prohibited from using Wikipedia in their work, if only as a source of “general information”.

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