Funny parade of the absurd: how “Venom” turned out – a film with a “childish” rating about the main enemy of Spider-Man

From the picture and so did not expect revelations, but it turned out really bad.

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October 4 in Russia goes “Venom” – a film adaptation of the story of the famous supervillain and antihero, which more often than others resisted Spider-Man. Shortly before the release, the film received a “childish” rating of PG-13, and the lead actor, Tom Hardy, said that 40 minutes of his favorite scenes had been cut out of the film.

Carefully, spoilers are possible.

What’s wrong

Sony Studio was at the forefront of modern films on comics: in 2002, she was the first to manage to launch a successful superhero franchise – Spider-Man. However, six years later, Marvel broke into the market and began to build a cinema universe, uniting several characters at once, and then DC was brought up with Warner Brothers.

Sony tried to “reload” the franchise by releasing “New Spider-Man”, but the films were controversially accepted by both viewers and critics. Judging by “Venom”, the studio remained somewhere in the early 2000s, although since then the rules of the game have changed a lot.

The film tells about the journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who investigates abductions of people for experiments of the Life Foundation company and accidentally becomes a “carrier” of Venom’s aggressive symbiote. The film begins with the fact that the spacecraft carrying alien organisms on Earth for research, is broken, and one of the samples is breaking free.

Similarly, Rampage began and ended with “Live”, but the authors of both films were not too lazy to show what was happening at that moment on board.

The opening scene of the picture with Dwayne Johnson on the ISS really intrigued, and could even scare a little

The first flaws of the Venom are visible from the very beginning: for the scene of the fall of the ship, they didn’t even take anything off – just drew on the computer. This part of the picture takes place in China and generally exists separately from the rest of the tape. It seems that it was taken only to release the picture in China – besides, the local company Tencent Pictures provided a third of the budget for the picture.

The film becomes more interesting when Venom appears. At this point, about half an hour of timekeeping takes place: before that, the authors acquaint viewers with Broca’s weekdays.

The first part of the film simply does not work – the authors try to show the charisma of the hero Hardy, but in fact he behaves like an infantile idiot.

The only thing that works well in “Venom” is the “chemistry” between symbiote and hero Hardy (the actor played both roles). On this interaction, almost all funny jokes of the film are kept. They make their way through the whole absurdity of the picture and a few of them, though involuntarily, force the audience to smile in the hall.

The feeling that Venom is the only character in the film who knows that he has fallen into a bad movie. And it suits him completely.

The image of Venom as a character is very different from the original source , but it becomes an outlet for the film among the battered techniques. The symbiote behaves like a shrewd child in a sandbox – and at least it attracts.

One of the weakest aspects of “Venom” is the main villain who is not a symbiote at all, but an ordinary person named Carlton Drake. He is something like our Ilona Mask – a billionaire inventor with universal ambitions.

The main villain “Venoma” Carlton Drake. Frame Sony Pictures

Naturally, Drake has unlimited power and is allegedly trying to save humanity from hunger and global warming by crossing people and symbiotes. How exactly this can help is unclear, because according to the film, aliens also need to eat, only they feed on people’s heads.

The authors do not even try to substantiate Drake’s motivation – he has no background or reason to do what he does.

Another Venom problem is a strange mix of genres. “Venom” tries to be both a horror, and a fighter, and a comedy at the same time, but the narrative jumps too sharply: you don’t always have time to understand what happened and why it happened.

Frame Sony Pictures

Technical performance “Venom” also leaves much to be desired. The symbiote itself is well-detailed, but it feels not like a real object on the screen, but as something foreign.

A scene with a fight between two symbiotes can be given the Golden Raspberry lineup: this is something at the level of the Battle of the Predator and its hybrid in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Why “adult” rating will not fix anything

Rating “Venom” until the last moment kept a secret. At first there were rumors that the studio was supposedly considering making an “18+” film with blood and violence. Sony did not confirm this, but director Ruben Fleischer poured oil on the fire, who promised that Venom would be the most cruel Marvel film.

Two weeks before the release, the film received a “childish” rating of “PG-13” (in Russia – 16+). Director Ruben Fleischer and producer Avi Arad shortly thereafter announced that the film originally did not intend to do so under adult audience. According to Arad, the creators of the picture squeezed the maximum out of the “childish” rating.

It’s hard not to agree with this: Venom in the film really bites off the head and kills people, as such a character is supposed to. True, there is no blood in any frame — even when someone is pierced through with a huge blade, it remains sterilely clean. Heads bite off only the “bad guys” and it is impossible to understand whether the civilians of San Francisco suffered.

In a sense, Venoma in the film can even be considered a superhero – he did nothing wrong and even saved the planet.

We will never see the “adult” version of Venom, but in the case of this film, a higher degree of cruelty would hardly have helped. The fact is that Venom the whole film behaves like a good boy and almost never kills anyone.

Even if you add a scene with a dismemberment to the picture, it will not change anything – it will just be a bad movie with an “adult” rating. Everything looks as if “Venom” really was done with an eye to the “PG-13”, for the “adult” version we need a completely different story.

It is not known what exactly could be in the final version of the picture, but judging by the torn montage, it can be assumed that there were scenes that slow down the dynamics cut out from Venom. Of the most obvious guesses: the scenes on the relationship between heroes Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, the disclosure of the character of Carlton Drake and other symbiotes.

What’s next

The media has repeatedly reported that Sony is making a big bet on Venom – with this film, the studio wants to launch a new cinema universe about Spider-Man. Tom Hardy has signed a contract for three pictures about Venome, but it all depends on the fees.

With a budget of $ 100 million, “Venom” is expected to collect up to $ 65 million in the first weekend only at home hire and another 85 million in the world. October is considered to be a stagnant month at the box office: usually the paintings that appear during this period have a long exposure.

Taking into account the post-caption scene with a hint of the continuation and the average budget, Sony will probably make at least one more film about Venome.

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