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Fitness bracelet Fitbit helped find the killer

The American police were able to reach a possible killer of a woman, using data from her fitness bracelet. Under suspicion was 90-year-old Anthony Aiello, who was the dead stepfather. According to him, he made a brief visit to her stepdaughter, taking homemade pizza and Italian cookies with him. The woman then allegedly walked Aiello to the door, thanking the couple of roses.

Five days later, the colleague of the 67-year-old Karen Navarre found her lifeless. On the body of a woman found traces of violent death. The police were able to set a time when a 90-year-old man visited a stepdaughter, and a fitness tracker shot from her hands gave additional information.

Photo: San Jose Police

It turned out that at the time of Aiello’s arrival, Navarre’s heartbeat jumped sharply, and then abruptly and without stopping went down. Heart failure occurred five minutes before the man left the house.

As the New York Times, the device Fitbit not the first time helps to reach the killer. It is also noted that in the user agreement the company indicates its right to transfer the data collected by the fitness tracker to the authorities.

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