Disney will shoot the film “Lilo and Stitch”

Disney plans to make a full-length film that will be a film adaptation of the 2002 Lilo and Stitch cartoon. The picture is in the early stages of production. The development of the script is engaged in “promising” Mike Van Vaes, who has not yet had time to prove himself in any of the significant projects.

The producers of the feature film “Lilo and Stitch”, which, apparently, will actively use computer graphics, will be Dan Lin (“Gangster Hunters”, “Lego Film”, “Death Note”, “Godzilla 2: The Monster King”) Ayrich Rydebek. Both producers are now working on a remake of Aladdin.

The original cartoon, we recall, tells about a little girl Lilo from Hawaii, who met a toothed alien and intergalactic criminal in combination with Stitch.

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