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Canadian surgeon operated on a teddy bear. The doctor asked about this eight-year patient

The doctor agreed, although he had never performed such operations before.

In Canada, eight-year-old Jackson McKie, on the way to the operating room, asked neurosurgeon Daniel McNeely if he could help his teddy bear named Little Baby. The doctor said on Twitter that he immediately agreed: “How could I refuse?”.

During the “operation” Maknily put on the bear cub oxygen mask. He also diagnosed Tiny’s armpit rupture and sewed it up. Then the bear was left lying in a hospital bed next to the boy.

McKee was admitted to hospital because of hydrocephalus — an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid — that he suffered from birth. He has been treated by McNealy since childhood. This time, the boy had a tube repaired through which extra fluid is drained from the brain and pressure is reduced.

Jackson’s parents thanked the surgeon for “everything possible” for their son to feel comfortable. Both patients, both boy and bear, successfully underwent surgery and are recovering in the hospital.

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