Apple asks iPhone Xs users to send them LTE performance data. The problem of a bad signal remains

Apple still understands the unstable signal of the LTE connection of the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. There is no solution yet. The company began to contact users who complain about the situation.

One of the owners of the iPhone Xs Max said that Apple had asked to install software to monitor the stability of the signal with cell towers. Also in the beta version of iOS 12.1, a new version of the modem firmware was noticed, but it may not be related to the problematic LTE. Some users have reported improvements in iOS 12.1, but others say there is no change.

The weak signal of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max became known soon after the start of sales of smartphones. The first customers noticed that, compared to previous generations of iPhones, the new products have a weak and unstable LTE connection.

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